Philosophy – “The Evil of the Hippocratic Oath” – 5/3/2021

“Welcome the tyranny as though you accept what is offered, without regard for who is taking.”

– Modern Romanticism

This Hippocratic Oath, which is a document referring to the confidentiality for the patient, respects the vocation, to nothing more. It is not the concern for the patient, though for the vocation of therapist, doctor, and even government, all alike. To offer secrets, of information to be kept in the hands of who is trusted, is to treat these sorts as never a threat.

For the patient, or simply the “helpless one” or “victim” to trust a government or rule, is to see them as not a threat. Though, would a government… or nurse, or doctor, or therapist ever trust their patients, clients, or helpless victims? No. It is because they view them as threats.

To know the truth is to see the other side’s secrets.

However, by the Hippocratic Oath, nothing is more comforting than a doctor lying their patient, to offer a smile that never returns a second time. It is unfamiliar, yet familiar, to ourselves. A smile, that is, that generates itself as more the concern for the profession, not the person being soothed. By the Hippocratic Oath, trust does not reside in the professional. By the Hippocratic Oath, we are blinded in our ignorance, to believe we are loved, when nothing could be more false.

Filling the void with the infinite amount, is not the same as placing what would remain, eternally kept.

For what trust is, it must be two-sided for there to be genuine human connection.

Though, upon what the Hippocratic Oath states, confidentiality is as predictable as the document, itself, being strict and never fragile. Professions as doctors, to the government becoming so vast, is where we seem to be vulnerable. As we are vulnerable around the doctor, for our trust in them, is how we seem to be becoming around a government, by the same one-sided dependence.

Again, would the government depend on its people? They would not, because they view us as a threat.

To take our rights, confiscate our information, without us knowing their truth, is much becoming of this Oath. We have no right to know what they understand. Though, they’ll know as much as possible, of ourselves, all because of our unconditional trust.

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