Philosophy – “Why One cannot ‘get rid’ of Racism” – 5/14/2021

“Retiring the world of what consists itself as pertaining to absence, is all the effort to bring it about, ever further.”

– Modern Romanticism

To “stop”, or to just “get rid” of what presents itself, to a person, as something that references absence, will indeed, deepen the issue. An issue, as racism, is something that has direct relation to a singular word, being “absence”. Absence, of something that pertains not to unity.

Since absence, just like depression, cannot be forced clean from the mind, it requires a replacement of equal value from what was either lost or never was.

We are equal, in that sense, through the realization that to fill the void of what is absent through racism, means to find value in another person. Another person, not like what one prefers, for one is not picky (or just able to choose) on what is needed.

A person, being equal to any other, is not a convenience. This, in turn, proves the necessity of love, being never a simple convenience.

The one difference between something needed, as love, and something convenient, as a resource, is that the former is everywhere, whereas the latter is never where you want it most.

Treating people as resources, pertaining them all to “representation”, is not the essence of equality.

Love makes all equal, though as racism is a gap in the heart, nothing just preferred will fill it.

If racism is solved through an understanding for what equality represents, on its own, then we’ll find it impossible to prefer what we need.

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