Philosophy – “Why Quality is not Subjective” – 5/19/2021

“The preference that relates to the numerous tastes, of differing individuals, is not at all a comparison to quality. If it is quality that compares not to the subjective opinion or personal preference, then quantity does.”

– Modern Romanticism

To judge the quality of an item, or even a person, is not to see what one prefers or even trusts. It is to see the person, able to be judged, for their lesser or higher self. To have a preference, would then mean to judge based on what one allows in their own circle. Though, to see an item or person based on their quantitative self, is to see beyond from the person who judges. It is to see another person or an object of potential quality, not merely of the self who possesses a preference.

One bypasses quality, when referencing their own preferable desires. Quality cannot be subjective, when everything related to quantity is. Quantity is subjective, not quality, because to judge on what is preferred is always in relation to the amount one associated with. Whether for preference’s sake, one wishes for a full meal at a certain time, or just an appetizer, is never about the notion of quality.

Humans prefer, because we have limits. Our greatest limit is for what we can trust, though education will be life’s motto when we no longer repeat mistakes, in the necessity (not the preference) to strengthen or reinforce a weakness.

People are trusted for the flesh, though beloved to the spirit. Therefore, we possess a limitation on how much can be consumed or adopted as a lifestyle. That is solely a preference, especially on how much one will intake. To want a full meal, or just an appetizer, is referring to the subjective notion of amount or of numbers. Though, for the quality of a thing or person, we reference what requires no contemplation, though just sheer recognition, for what is being observed. This is where specialists or experts come into play. A specialist has no preference, though can simply fathom the quality of what is being perceived that partakes to their specialty.

What can we say that is subjective of quality, if it is people who trust for the amount that can be held? If our limit is to how much we can give, then it becomes a preference as to how much a person can do without. Quality has nothing to do with this, when for its sake, we would be judging not based on amount, though by the singular.

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