Philosophy Series – “Of Art” – Pt. 1 – 7/30/2021

“Art can be recognized as truthful. If not art so visually appealing, then its role becomes one of function. Function, by itself, cannot be sustained, as it eventually dies alongside the artist. Would art be eternal, then it remains truthful. Would art be truthful, then its creator, its artist, its mother can die, with much ease, that the creation will live on.”

– Modern Romanticism

Recognize art as truthful, not deceitful. To perceive art as subjective, as interpretable to the viewer of “any”, it becomes broken down. Breaking down meaning will conform itself to “any” source of judgement, that could be nothing in reference to truth. Since “any” source would not be questioned, it becomes then the interpretation unable to be subjected. What means to subject, is same to deconstruct. The interpretation to the art, therefore, cannot be dismantled. Though, the art was, rendering the miniature piece, the interpretation, as the deception.

Corruption is compelled to be witnessed as the act of uplifting poverty. It is not poverty that should be raised, though the impoverished. Those individuals so impoverished, as it is truthful art that would elevate them. To elevate poverty is to call ugliness as beautiful. This is corruption, much as how artwork so diminished of quality is a mere function to monetary gain. Would one find ugliness as beautiful, then the same individual could perhaps find contentment in spending an ungodly sum on table scraps for their meal.

It is untruthful art, deceitful works, that were subjected to the rule of an opinion. Would just any viewer interpret it, mostly from the uneducated mind, a breakdown process to the objectivism within truthful art causes the chaos. Would an impoverished individual recognize themselves in it, then their awareness to their world to the artwork’s own becomes matched.

Creation unto causation, is the act of disordering order into chaos. If order is among creation, then chaos is among causation, making what is beautiful as ordered and truthful. Beauty is ordered, because it cannot be destroyed. It is protected, much like how a mother guards her children.

Chaos is caused, as it cannot be created. None can create what is chaotic, meaning that untruthful art cannot be art.

What is meant as a function is not art, since eternity cannot be subjected into limitation. It is then an impossible feat to subject the eternity of art, without replacing it with what art is not.

Art is the eternal. The artist dies to just then be recognized for their creations, in the same manner as wisdom is passed down to offspring.

3 thoughts on “Philosophy Series – “Of Art” – Pt. 1 – 7/30/2021”

  1. “beauty is ordered” … I hadn’t thought about it this way before. I believe goodness is a choice and so I believe it is ordered, not random or chaotic. often natural beauty is mistaken for goodness. hmm … you have given me a lot to think about this afternoon!

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    1. I cannot ever be one to connect goodness with a choice. Instead, I can compare it to situations where one has no choice but to do good.

      To imagine it like finding it necessary, out of your love for another, to take care of them during their time of need should be with no other option involved. If someone you love was sick, then your only “choice” in that is to abandon them. What you would do, outside of choice, is to take care of them. I’d say that in that, taking care of them is being responsible, because you are upholding another’s trust in you to do what is right.

      In other occasions, people could make excuses to not be responsible for a wrongdoing. That’s called wanting a choice. Because, being responsible involves forfeiting one’s own freedom, to realize there is no choice in the matter.

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