Philosophy – “What Insecurity Does to a Person or People” – 10/11/2021

“Life can be simplified down to the two extremes to follow, if there’s no notion of balance. To be brought towards excess, or to be content to the oneness of truth. To fade into the realm of pleasure, or to comprehend that with truth there could be no discontent without something similar to infidelity.”

– Modern Romanticism

Insecurity follows the road of lies. Those who lead their lives through insecurity are contented with the lies, can believe that ugliness is the same as something beautiful, or to say that living is the same as being dead.

A materialistic nature is objective deception. Materialists are deceivers, since nothing can represent the eternal of what is made to vanish. Our flesh is material, though with a physical nature to it, insecurity is applied through the lustful mindset that craves more of it. It becomes then that the materialist is no different than the compulsive shopper, not ever contented because of lacking the adherence to truth. Through deception, a materialist believe that everything disappears.

If everything vanishes, then nothing is loved. Love is what makes the breakable as unbreakable. Along with making all things once impossible as possible, it allows what was once possible to be impossible for its occurrence. Through knowing what is impossible can be possible, along with what is possible can be impossible, contentment is the result.

Each thing beautiful is what would change, without love. Love is the force of the universe that negates the understanding of change, though the materialist would believe all things begin to alter. Through the materialist mindset, there is no comprehension that human longing is the greatest of illness. Human longing changes the self. Nothing else is altered, except for the self through this sickness of yearning when it is what is being longed for that is expected to not have changed.

All of beauty, on its own, is change. It is the uncontrollable change in the seasons, or the woman who becomes old to no longer dress herself so cleanly nor tidy her hair in the most proper fashion. How many artists remember the prior season, yearn to capture it, because the memory of it did not change? How many men look upon their beloved woman, who became old over so many years, viewing her as still the same in the complexion and glow of youth? Nothing changes, when something is loved.

Though, it is a fear to humans to love. Would not the insecurity be negated, since it is also a fear, when love is truly comprehended of itself? To the loving mind, nothing changes, even when the physical aspects have. Even when someone, who is loved, has died, the love remains to remind an individual of that person’s preciousness.

It can be said that when the insecure person has an immense yearning, they have been in the state of themselves to change. It is of themselves, that in being once beautiful, have turned themselves towards deception. Their changes are within. As beauty is truth when it is loved, it becomes a deception when it always changes. If an insecure person longs, then their yearning is being stretched towards a living thing with a mind that did remember them. It becomes soon a necessity to move on towards change.

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