A Two-Step Sequence to Problem-Solving – Chapter 39 – “Lust within Professionalism” – 11/6/2021

To note the past, of what is the heart or individualism to the idea that such should be expressed, is not ever on the basis of the professional world. No one so delusional could admit a grander ideal than to believe that the professional world does encompass the future, or is among the doings of progress. If all to be practical exists with what is futuristic or envisioned for the sake of betterment, then nothing comes of it. Nothing does, since what is expressionless of the professional world is due to its placement within a collective design. What cannot be expressed is what is restricted or exclusive to individualism. An individual holds a story of their life, though would not have this be used, unless they were being associated with a group. As such could be the case, were expressions ever used, then it is for the sake of profit or gain. A used or manipulated individual’s emotional expression is for the sake of gain with a scene of one-sided trust.

Those who believe their romantic partners were ever once manipulative, though cannot say the same of a profession that aims to indulge in the gain of information, puts themselves at the highest likelihood of being used. What the professional world and the manipulative lover have in common is wanting information, for the sake of its exploitation. This is due to what a collective stands for. That, to be associated among one, as is the view from certain professions to the actual individual, then there is a person’s own personal weaponization to their expression. If, for example, a politician or popular individual believes a group should express, from the entire collection, all at the same time, there is the same notion of weaponization. A group is used. Though, when an individual expresses, it is for the sake of problem-solving.

When dealing with an individual’s historical account, there is all of it pertaining to the heart. It cannot reference the mind or a resource. What the mind exists for is its practical usage. What the heart exists for is its impractical presence, since would its expression be seen as useful, then there was not itself in communication with another individual. It was not, in this sense, individualism communication with individualism. There were no individuals communicating with the other. Instead, there was the mere exchange of practical resources.

In a world that believes resources are where a nation thrives the highest, means that all for what is individualistic, by design, is received with negligence. That is, to control a world through wealth or a resource means to ignore the actual knowledge expressed from individualism. To believe one person is the same as among their associated group, is to belong the self within ignorance. No collective association, that to state one person is as helpless, victimized, or even to be understood as the others is at all a display of knowledge. Knowledge will relate to the heart, due to both the notion of negligence that can be risked upon what is historical to the mistake of a person and what can endanger the group, as well, if the individuals become dwindled out due to a perceived lack of their own individuality.

Among anywhere the heart will be neglected, will be the same to forsake the individual. An individual is to truth, as to possess human will makes for not the choice, though the necessity to take place. In having will, there is necessity. All necessities run upon the notion that an individual must be allowed freedom, though it is inevitable that a collective will be the tool. The tools of society are collected, so to speak, since it is the same with the professional world that aims to make use of the varied resources through its only understanding of two-sided trust. When both sides are used, this only compatibility had been possible through the individual. To the client and their intent on not being used, though to use the professional world to their own advantage, marks them as still among a collective in being told what to do by another of a higher degree in rank. As in, would a person be seeing a therapist for only their own benefit, troubled words to be expressed are then in better place for the ears of anyone genuine. As in, from individual to individual, therapy cannot be when mutual benefit ever aligns with two-sided utility.

As it is, end results are what the professional world relies upon, considering the example of a therapist to a limited amount of sessions. If in this regard, then anything limited of anything pertains to a resource. A resource will be limited, through how it accompanies the functions of the mind. The mind, being limited, because of how a resource, being either convenient or the opposite, will not be indefinite when defined as an expendable. The human is an expendable among the professional world, due to their place among the finite. It is the work that, when put into the task, is limited due to how function is designed. As in, while the heart would be a thing that, out of human will or care, can solve a issue of life, it is more the obligation to repair the tool with another tool. The latter is an obligation due to even the limits of the tools invested in repairing the tools. A collective joining itself with another collective is the same as a flame clashing with another to its same kind. All is finite, even with an example of fire, because it will not last if there is nothing left to burn. It is the same to consider that a collective becomes useless when there is nothing left for itself to be used upon.

An example of being a collective that is used, can be aligned with another of a paralyzed individual being unable to use some of their bodily functions for the professional world. In being finite to this realm, nothing is individualistic unless to the creation of a thing. That is, without consideration for the end result, individualism comprehends that itself can create, instead for being utilized for the cause. From creation to causation is the same as differing order from chaos. Towards the end result, there is the proof to which the professional world understand utility. That is, all end results are the exhaustion of use from a resource. As a client to their appointed professional is in use of what such a professional has for capability’s sake, there to this client a deceptive belief in the resource’s limitlessness. Although, the professional knows that their client is limited, the same in knowing what is above the former comprehends that what is beneath, in rank, holds also a limit.

Everything that is above utilizes what is beneath, the same as to know the client is inferior to the supplier for their desperate resource. As in, what controls the client to the notion that their human will is non-existent, is through their leaning towards being utilized instead of that singular compatibility. In being compatible to co-exist, both professional and client display healthy value for the other. Although, it becomes unhealthy when there is no human will on part of the client, though the professional is gaining or determining the uselessness of such a client.

Totalitarianism should be understood as this, as what is the presentation of being dominant over the functional. As in, to see nothing of human will on the side the client, though there is vast control from the professional to the client in the determination of what is useful or useless. It is same to mean that would a healthy compatibility ever exist, there is the example of a people using their leadership or government, not the opposite. By the same example, a leadership is the slave or the mere tool to the people, should be submissive to its people, and able to always openly consider the people a threat out of perpetual fear. Out of tyrannical leadership, the professional world is connected in lusting or wanting for what can be used, though rules with this in mind without any regard for the people’s or the client’s individualistic or human will. An expression will be that which is beautiful or vulnerable, making form not to follow function without a betrayal to the free self.

If to care would refer to the heart, then to not care without such will make a person a resource. What would a leadership be, when a nation’s people have no motivation for personal aspiration? Without this human will nor even a show of being free-thinking to individual perspective, a leadership becomes tyrannical in the knowledge that its controlled people will not think of those above as a threat. It is to mean that this people’s expressions of being vulnerable are in the understanding and willful acceptance of being under control. Without placed worth to the human will of individualism, collectivism is of such a people that accept being told what to think. It is their ignorance, that to human perspective upon all subjects, connects both the incompatible aspects of the professional world with tyrannical leadership in an absence of individualistic knowledge in accordance with truth.

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