Love Quote – “Love, more Maddening than Lust” – Pt. 2 – 11/12/2021

“We can scream in love’s face, begging for it to go, though it will remain as the haunt. As humans, our errors are always in what we are incapable of overcoming. Can we overcome love? No, for it is love that overcomes us. Why are we in pain, when a loved one has exited our lives? It can only be because we still love them. We love them, because it is the one presence that remains. Past life transcends into love, as the greatest value is the one we cannot possibly give away. What is lust, in opposition to all this? Lust is merely a burn mark. Lust is a scar that fades, though such a disappearance is a reminder that it was not love, because love does not go.”

– Modern Romanticism

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