Philosophy – “How Relationships become Punished” – 12/14/2021

“Idealization is to love, our talent, that is never as real as our skills, our capabilities, the realism that is for a relationship. As we state a person is perfect for us, such is to love. Then, we should never state a person is perfect, since that is the same expressed for their capabilities.”

– Modern Romanticism

Is a person perfect for us? If so, then that is love.

Is a person perfect? If we believe so, then our perception became delusion, as we forgot what defines human limitation being the strains that capability places upon the self.

In love, a person is perfect for us. However, to believe a person should be perfect is being without consideration for themselves, as a human. Human capability displays a limit, composed of endurance and durability to flesh and mental burden. When we describe perfection, it should be only to love, not to the person. We love the person, though in that love we are meant to understand what is hurting them the same as it harms us. Since that is the case, then we cannot ever see perfection in themselves, the human. If we ever do, then we disregard what hurts the human, as we can become psychopathic without such empathy.

A disregard for another person’s hurt, in mere preference for the consideration of our own, is psychopathy. No singular human being can heal their hurt, on their own. Lone suffering brings further suffering. It is understood in the case of building or revealing character. Strong or weak character is revealed during a period of crisis. Although, character is built when crisis has reached its end, thus allowing a person to develop reinforcements for the next period of strain upon human capability.

If in crisis, humans will depend upon the self’s own or another’s capability. Although, to believe perfection is meant for that will be the undoing of all contribution, as only the crisis ever remains. Weakness is to the one who flees from crisis, wishing to build the self, though displays the same incompetence when handling a matter that would require another’s contribution. Human capability is centered around realism, since all relationships and connections cannot be reinforced without understanding of our imperfections. If to believe a person is perfect, then it’s to again repeat we disregard those flaws. In that disregard, no relationship grows stronger in the needed reinforcement that would bring about development. Love is then the place of knowing how such a connection first formed, though the comprehension that this relationship is composed of humans is also to know that it cannot be perfect nor free from conflict.

By itself, love is perfect. Though, no human is perfect. Believing in the self or placing trust or faith in another is to human capability. One trusts in who one loves, since this connection cannot be without flaws that would require imperfect human capability. Forgiveness will be for the mistake a person makes, especially upon those that are caused within the connection. If one cannot forgive, then there cannot be acknowledgement that another human is as liable to cause failure as the self. If there is no forgiveness, there will be arrogance, within the statement that the self would never have committed such a fault.

Relationships are composed of humans. Recognition and also acknowledgement of human imperfection is necessary to understand the course of development. Without this recognition and acknowledgement, there will be those who flee from crisis in ignorance to how development is formed within the connection. One must forgive, after there has been this recognition and acknowledgement. In doing so, there is understanding for how strength is formed. Without this, there cannot be the gain of knowledge while mistakes are repeated.

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