Philosophy Manuscript – Chapter IX – “Truth’s Relation to Life” – 1/20/2022

Depict life, the central place to the realm of creation, as nothing to do with deception on the matter to which truth can be expressed. Truth is life’s origin, as the latter is never deceiving. No one lives a lie, as an individual is just able to cling to deception. No singular person is an individual, when through their collective mindset, they become drawn back to the negative aspects from the past. It is merely that such an individual has stagnated, when through such deception it is difficult to move past it.

A deception can be a comfort, as was mentioned, while love forgives the past’s own negatives as the same force pushes a life ahead. If an individual finds the past more truthful than the future, they would be correct. It is the past that is a certainty. Although, it is the positive understanding that only is the truth.

We cannot move, as life is meant to, within the deception where life is stagnated in this comfort. It can be said of all comfort that it is a deception, because it stagnates or keeps the life from facing risk. Truth becomes ignored when an individual takes more to the deception of all negatives to their past, unwilling to find hope in an envisioned future.

The beautiful life is once more finding itself as hideous, whenever it comes within the embrace of deception. A hideous life, or a truth that is now a deceit, can no longer move others. An individual whose life is deceived, becomes a deceiver. Such are the sorts to prey on the truths of others, gaining their trust for the knowledge of them. It is then that betrayal is imminent, all because this deceiving individual rounded the cycle. However, it is such a cycle that is meant to remain, or otherwise, no one learns from it. No individual can comprehend such dangers, without knowing where they lurk.

A future is possible out of truth’s mark, within the positive understandings from the past. A future is constructed, from life being pushed forth towards it. Then, it is truth that makes up the future, all from what the past has taught the individual.

It is that nothing for an envisioned future can crumble, when someone finds themselves wandering backwards to the past. Such would involve a stagnation upon personal progress, enough so that being within those negative parts of a past will cause blindness to an individual’s future. With nothing to maintain, such a future does crumble.

Truth remains as itself when an individual finds their place. It is denied when a person has given up on hope, being what belongs for the future. Enough hope to live on, and then a person can move forward from such negatives in the past to make something of themselves. Though, when individualism is proven upon future achievements, a person can state that their efforts would be wasted if they could not have witnessed the same hope displayed from others. An example to hope is where it is found, being something most always ahead in the future.

Stagnation, in accordance with avoidance, is how a person does not wish to face the truth. Facing truth is not to discover it, though to rediscover its missing presence. An individual had experienced it, though now upon the opportunity for its second delivery, it is not wished to be revisited. It is a danger that this individual cannot surrender themselves to, in the fear of how they might become impacted.

To deception, in the way an individual is stagnated, there is no freedom without the truth. In the stagnation a person dwells within, unwilling to find fault in themselves as a victim, this individual will continue to blame another for what is required for them to understand. As was mentioned on being equal, being for how two people comprehend each other as fragile humans, nothing of this would represent chaos. It is an order to be equal, then it would represent freedom by way of truth releasing an individual from their stagnating deception.

Even though it would not be a choice to embrace truth, it is for the desire to avoid it. To the choice, being all of avoidance, makes deception about the unlearned decision. To its repetition, truth has no relation. Truth is not repeated, nor is it possible for it to ever be, unless the origin, being love, processes another lifeform. Even then, it is just a rediscovery.

A loss of truth can be seen as the loss of life. It is here proven that when a loved one dies, another will remember them for the good in how they lived. Though, to be kept in the parts of the past that pertains to their loss, displaying just the negatives affecting living individuals, there is deception. Keeping oneself dwelling in those negatives has been said to be deception, since it stagnates an individual away from carrying the beloved truth forward into an envisioned future.

Since a person might not wish to face truth, their stagnation is not a repetition, though an immersion or assimilation to a collection. None within a collective can be told apart, making individualism never among its likeness. It is the individual being stuck within their stagnation, to such a collective, who requires individualism to embrace their lack of capability. They no longer believe in the urge to find deception as a comfort, though they will motion towards that envisioned future now with others who comprehend them.

Betterment is for the individual who can face truth, though when stagnated, begins to decline. Truth can shock the individual into facing what hurts, though will free them within the allotted experience. Being deprived of truth, is to be starved of necessity. Through addiction, there is deception, just as convenience is to resources. To truth, an individual can rediscover their freedom they would not claim to never have known. Whether physical or mental freedom, the positive aspects from the past can be taken forth with the force of love that develops the individual.

Truth is the release, as it is those who it being brought upon are trusted for how it would shock. There are none, save for those kept so close to deception, who are shocked by the weight of truth. Those who are closer to deception will not be so willing to notice a truth, save those to themselves that are never even uncovered. To deceived individuals, truth remains buried, either within themselves or blind to them as it shows around, in the external. Though, to those believing the truth, there is nothing to match the thrill for what it can do to shock them.

However, for those willing to share this shock, in nonchalance, there is nothing to that act, save for truth’s own abuse. As was mentioned, truth is the same as life. If life is taken with indifference, it is abused for the sake of negligence. This is in the same sense of selfishness, since to offer truth with nonchalance to its offer, there is no care to it.

Would a person ever speak of the death of a child to its mother, in the same nonchalant way? If so, then again, there was no care. Truth is, by the trust that accompanies it being offered, delicate in the way it can be changed. As life might perish in an instant, so can truth. Truth can indeed disappear, as by the shock of its deliverance there is something an individual can receive that is also within them. It is the same as blood being lost. What comes with severe blood loss is the shock. Upon this example, a shock for the offering to truth is by the figurative sameness between individuals, beyond the collective that conceals it.

As a collective conceals individualism, being rooted in deception, then truth is lost among what cannot be told apart. In that collective, the shock represented by the offered truth through the privacy where it is revealed, becomes faded. In the same respect, the truth disappears.

An overabundance of truth, same as an overabundance of life with similarity to overpopulation, there becomes more collectives than individualists. Comfort and ease, among a populated world, brings about greater shared truth, starting with the lack of responsibility to human reproduction. A greater sense of ease to a world, comes with the higher numbered population, being due to truth’s sharing itself as life in larger swaths. The notion of desire brings itself into this, since truth can be lusted for. Same as secrets that are shared under the heat of seduction, it was offered to what was trusted, though should never be. In that case, the truth disappeared to hands to misuse it.

Information is given to those who cannot be trusted with it, just as a person becomes in the hands of another who ends up manipulating them. There is not from this the need to protect truth nor life, when manipulation is to the motive from the so-called protector. Truth is the life, trusted under the caretaking of another who claims to love it enough to offer their protection.

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