Quote – “To Love, to Revive the Pain” – Modern Romanticism – 3/7/2022

“Is it wise to love? No one knows. No one understands why that expressionless force, limited to our expressions of facial features and tears, yet limitless in each direction it goes will keep arriving to take us somewhere new. Love, the alien. Love, the most common of strangers to enter our arms, finding solace, facing our warmth as if being able to see the sun without looking away. Love will revive what we never wished to notice in the mirror. We saw scars, of histories we wished to erase with other year to age our skin. We saw our eyes crying without counting the number of tears. For love will remind us of what we do not wish to see. To then repeat it, is it wise to love? No one knows, because someone to love was there, and then disappeared. When love returns, it revives the pain thought to be forever gone. Because when love is gone, it never is.”

– Modern Romanticism

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