Philosophy – “The Deception behind Inclusiveness” – 3/9/2022

“If to be included means to belong somewhere you could not find, on your own, then you were hand-held on the way there. You were given what you wanted. If you had stayed alone to figure it out, you would have embraced what you needed. There is life, and then there is no life. There is for the former, finding out what cannot be lived without. There is, for the latter, being led in a direction that will most likely be the decision never for you, because whoever did the work for you never knew what you needed.”

– Modern Romanticism

Sometimes, and perhaps much of time, or even all of the time, pain is the medication a person needs. For what is pain, unless being a reminder for what is needed? Many people ignore anxiety. Many more people treat anxiety as a condition. Anxiety is painful. It is our fears that always tell us something. What else does fear tell us, other than to accept what cannot be ignored, being the life that must be explored without constant distraction? If we treat anxiety as what distracts us, then anything else we are distracted by becomes what reinforces what we are ignoring. We are distracted, because our fears are telling us something we are ignoring. If we embraced life for its painful sides, we’d see a place we could roam around in, soon without that fear gnawing at us. The fear has stopped, because we are no longer being deceived enough to not listen to its call.

Inclusiveness is deception, outside the necessities a person requires. It is not survival, though life, that bares the place of necessity. All a person can do, for the sake of their survival, is take the fundamentals with them. Their life is not to survive, though to rise beyond the fundamental into something more structured and not meant to collapse without further neglect. What a person most often neglects are their life, choosing to live in the survivalist fears and tensions and anxiety that keeps them ignoring the sounds of a racing heart. Inclusiveness becomes deception when we are wanting to be included in a place where all we are focused on is what must be more. More to be included for, while there is nothing there for the focus of a necessity.

Included for something for us, that the world has sculpted for us, is never what we need. It is what we want. We want to be included, though we don’t need it. We don’t need, nor require, nor do we need to breathe this inclusion we say is a right for people. If life goes on, then nor does inclusion. If a right is what inclusion is, then it is temporary. If cultures change to where people are included, then all manner of things including someone might disappear tomorrow. Then, if life is all that continues, our deceptive inclusions are on the basis of survival. We are absent of life, because we are afraid of what we need.

Inclusiveness is not backed by necessity. It is backed by the options, the multitudes, the numerous, the infinity in dissatisfaction that makes humanity most typical for compulsion and obsession. If inclusiveness is the same as offering options, then it will not unify. When inclusiveness allows for more people to find their place, then more people are finding what they want. If less people are finding what they need, they are being strayed from the pains and anxiety that life stands for. Life stands for pain, as it also stands for truth. In being deceived for inclusiveness, we are being given availabilities and accessibilities that remain within the realm of what might be fitting for a demographics or category. It is the same with media. Media offers inclusiveness, based on opinion. However, if it does not offer the facts, then it offers what people only want to know, not what is needed to know. To that example, inclusiveness is deception.

Including the person to what is wanted, not what is needed, embeds them in the survivalist approach, in believing this is life. Survival is not life. Survival is the presence of fear, and also the absence of love. As much as love and life are necessities, they can be to some the most painful recommendations their existence can bring. Life to life, then love to life, as these combinations are sometimes painful, though needed. At the same time as a pinch on the skin or a nightmare would and perhaps should wake you in the night, life will remind you of what is real and also clear to the senses for what is needed.

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