Released: New Book – A Two-Step Sequence to Problem Solving: From Delicate Heart to Resourceful Mind – Philosophy


Within these pages, details include the differences of heart and mind, by the metaphorical context of both. Comparisons and contrasts are there to show what the heart is, being the ultimate state of care, whereas the mind exists to the materialism area of us where people are more willing to be disconnected from the beneficial and be wasteful on what is mere convenience. Wasting conveniences, or the resources, available to the individual who can or should utilize them to their purpose is what has resulted from missing care or heart to an issue. Without care, issues remain, as what is wasted is the knowledge available to a person that would be utilized to its proper cause were there to be care involved. As care cannot be taught, then no resource is available to teach a person this value.

Not care, nor love, could be taught. It cannot be built. It is either there or it is not. Resources are always there. Opportunities are always there. Care is thus required to see such, without the blindness for what is being wasted all because an individual lacks their direction.

In this book, readers will dive into the love and the losses behind an individual. It is the love that involve a heart, while it is the losses that involves a resource. While love cannot die, we thus bury what no longer can move nor have purpose. Whether that be a person or something unwanted, keeping it around will bring torture to the individual through the denial of its deadness. As in, loss always encompasses the conveniences that if kept or if placed on with continuing value, will not teach a person the actual value in their memory. People bury what is uncomfortable or what is wanted by them to avoid, the same as a corpse of a loved one or something as unusable as trash.

We cling to memories, pictures, mementos as objects to be treasured that symbolize their life, not what rots in the soil.

From care to the resource, each thing so beautiful is what is loved made into memories that do not die.

Two-Step Sequence to Problem Solving: From Delicate Heart to Resourceful Mind – Kindle edition by Wyatt, Peter, White, Jay. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

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