Philosophy – “Why Hate Crimes are instead Crimes of Fear” – 5/16/2022

“Name a crime motivated by fear and it reveals what all humans keep a potential for. There can be no resolution to an issue that remains universal. Someone can fear someone else whom they do not know. When this occurs, there can be no hatred in this. There can only be ignorance, coinciding with that fear. As one can be ignorant of someone or something without being prejudiced, one cannot be prejudiced without being ignorant.”

– Modern Romanticism

A modern world calls a crime one with intention of hatred. Although, hate cannot be legitimate without knowledge. It becomes ignorance, coinciding with fear, that through absent knowledge might bring about a crime that did not know. A fearful person sees a threat, beckoned through our fight or flight response. In fear, being this universal trait among all humans, there has been kept our potential for doing what goes against hatred, as something else besides these criminal individual fuels a certain cycle.

If between perhaps two individuals, there has been a personal feud ongoing through a past betrayal that matured into stagnating bitterness, this will remain apart from fear. Their knowledge of each means that no fear can be preventing either from getting close. As such goes, whether to be known from embracing a person or known from betraying another, there had been perception of a weakness. If always an unexpected outcome, of either love or hatred, it becomes fear and ignorance that remains as expected as it remains universal.

Although, media platforms will depict a crime as one of hate. This can be understood as due to their motive for attempting to label groups, because while this crime had not been with hatred involved, there had not been any knowledge of any individuals.

Individualism has always been a place of knowledge. Knowing ourselves means to comprehend our limits, and in understanding how hatred is a limiter, on its own, references it as what a person feels only within themselves. As betrayal will bring about legitimate hatred, this suffocating collection of feelings will be separate from that traitorous individual who now has parted. If in betrayal, there has been intention to leave, this betrayed person will harbor feelings of hatred with a desire to bring them back to experience this pain.

When love has a child of evil, what becomes birthed has always been hate. Although, with hatred, there shows sufficient amounts of knowledge, in that one with such a suffocating emotion cannot be someone of fear nor ignorance. Fear cannot be present in them, due to them believing their hatred makes their strength. Ignorance cannot be present, due to what has been mentioned.

If one means to solve what has been depicted as hate crimes, there will be no resolution when these crimes are committed through a universal trait called fear. As even Hitler did not hate Jewish people, though considered them a threat through fear, no other person can be hateful through a lack of knowledge of those within a group. Fear translates to threat perception, in an apparent ignorance for what has not been personally enacted to that fearful individual. A prejudiced mindset exists in one who has not known someone they will consider a threat, all due to this notion that such a supposed threat retains a background that belong to merely their group. Segregation has always been a separation of groups, not individuals. If one group holds a history of being unable to fathom another group, it becomes a sameness with one country holding a grudge to another country.

Knowledge cannot be its place among groups, being why wars show existence in history. Fear can only be remedied through knowledge. One’s knowledge of another can morph into hatred, due to seeing another side of a betrayer that had not been expected. This lack of expectation sheds its own light within either love or hatred. When fear becomes remedied through knowledge, knowledge can turn blackened through betrayal and become hatred. Fear stays absent when that hateful individual believes their hatred shows strength.

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