Philosophy – “Why Systems (sometimes) do not Require Change (to help people)” – 5/16/2022

“If we care to solve, we will not need as many resources. In this absence of care, resources become our supplement. We replace a heart, meant to be there within us, with material, ephemeral resources. All meant for accessibility to us cannot be always in this manner for a resource. As there can be nothing more accessible than an individual’s knowledge of self, a resource will only extend as far as to keep ourselves distracted.”

– Modern Romanticism

If it has been true, that a person who displays their habits of addiction will gain more of a likelihood for homelessness, a similar comprehension can be that one with continued replacements of material resources will show more of a likelihood for losing their heart, or themselves, among what now reveals itself as least accessible. Accessible, through what fault? Fault of that addict’s self. Desiring a resource, in place or to replace a heart, or knowledge of oneself, can be no different than wanting to sustain one’s addiction to be kept outside of one’s home.

If a system must change for this type of individual’s help, comprehension to these sorts becomes void. That remains always due to comprehending a person requiring an amount of knowing their capability. However, to view a person a victim will be to view them as incapable. That will make an incapable individual not be at all an individual, though as an incapable collective.

There can be no such thing as an incapable individual. Incapable collectives, however, exist due to not needing to be aware of individuals, within that collective, with their own separate abilities. For when Jews, during that era of WWII, were seen by Germany as still capable to take to their skills of tailor work inside of concentration camps, they were still considered Jews with no true purpose for a life.

Knowing an individual’s individualist abilities will remain an awareness to only this individual, in fullness. If a system shows desire to change to suit itself for knowing different abilities within different individuals, its change will be meaningless. This has always been due to all system’s inability to comprehend an individual enough to separate their incorrect behavior from what they understand has always been valued. For if it can be due to an addict’s addiction that rules them enough to override their value for things with their incorrect behaviors, this cannot be an awareness for anyone except for an addict. To change an institution to better benefit an individual’s ways will require knowledge of a person. Although, no amount of knowledge or resources given to a person, with their degrading faults, will replace their comprehension over themselves without such appearing as a sameness to what they have been doing to themselves, being to override their values with their behaviors with their addiction.

If a person can enter an institution to exit this place still with their faults, there cannot be a flawed institution. Instead, there remains a flawed individual or even a flawed family unit. As perhaps a secondary individual who knows this flawed individual might be their closest friend or relative, if such can be around to aid said flawed individual, it will prove better than any institution. Comprehension of an individual to all that makes them an individual with capabilities, instead of among an incapable collective, can come only from an area of individualism, not collectivism. All knowledge to a person comes from that person, themselves, or from a secondary person who knows enough to not replace that flawed individual’s knowledge of themselves, though to bring a perspective forth in light of their silence.

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