Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “Acceptance, is the Mark of Love, not Respect” – Philosophy on Love – 10/17/2019

October 17, 2019

“In a competitive society, we demand respect for being used. In a loving society, we demand to be loved, because a human is meant to be embraced, not throttled at the throat with a collar. To believe that ‘respect’ aligns itself with ‘acceptance’, or that ‘acceptance’ aligns itself with ‘respect’ is to be the fighter who continually fights, without any of the rest involved in love.

We are not accepted, when we are respected, nor are we respected, when we are accepted. Only love can be the emotion meant for acceptance, because it is just that emotion that stops the fighter from fighting, and lays the fighter down to a bed for sleep.

Only in a world where respect is most aligned with competition, is ever a fighter someone who is that obstinate, enough to be selfish enough to never understand love, to never understand what it means to stop. A never-ending battle, never-ending progress? We barely even know where we are heading.

The anatomy of science is blind discovery. It is the discovery granted through mistakes, found between the threads in the unknown, between black threads found in space, where we may put a light to see something clear. And, does what we see horrify us? Do we even care?

Love is an emotion we comprehend for its light, and it comes in an instant. It is a light that we should already know exists. And yet, respect never exists unless one is proven for their utility, enough to be respected. Like all light, it is an instantaneous flash, resonating itself as a star shooting among the many. And, what else? It is identical to the human life, continually struggling. Though, the human life never realizes until it has died, that such a life was only ever a brief spark. One shouts the syllables, one shouts the insolence, to find that their words that demand acceptance by way of respect, are actually demanding acceptance by way of love.

It is this way, unless such a person is both obstinate and arrogant enough to believe that their ‘acceptance’ in respect, will lift them to a higher standard, enough for pride to seep into their minds, and be hailed as a god.

A leader is respected, while the herd is loved.”


Words of Wisdom – “From Used to Useless” – Philosophy on Love – 10/17/2019

October 17, 2019

“When we love, we tear away a soldier from a zone where he may gather wounds, to a home where he may gather comfort. For there have been many an occurrence, for a soldier to trade away his firearm, for a bandage.

It is so, from being used to being useless, that the soldier who is torn away from a place that may tear his own body into wounds manifold, is now loved in a place that will no longer use him.”

A Series – On Christianity – “The Pain of Man” – Pt. 1 – “Christ’s Drawn Blood” – Material

October 16, 2019

“Men are each wound on Christ’s form, and each droplet is the renewing of any heart having bled enough to either love or commit a murder; in both forgiveness and committed atrocity, that is what Christ reveals. The pain it requires to love and the resentment it requires to slay.”

Woman is a creature of either care or negligence, where her guilt is expected for its invisibility. All in what she’s neglected, is what deception will take for advantage. All in what she has not done, will be made into guilt for business to utilize in its chaos. Confusion is to Woman, by way of lacking assurance, and her manifested chaos is in the undoing of something. It is her negligence that the businessman will soak himself in, because the businessman makes his home in negligence. In the undoing, in all things unmoving of a world, the businessman makes his home, takes his partnership among the nothingness, and begins to create.

“Make use” of those who do not move, as a man of business will say, and a woman will find greater sweetness in the gain of power than ever she craved upon a time in a home. Woman has arms, has hands, has been depicted as the mythological creatures with claws. As witches with claws, or as sirens with talons. The bird is the matriarch.

She swoops upwards, pulls down the man who climbs too high, only out of compassion. Up the ladder, he crawls. Though, Woman has wings, made for her to fly upwards and drag Man down. To where? To a bed, to her flesh, and to the arms, the wings, that begin to cradle away his pain.

Man wishes to be close to the sun. And, it is his ascension that brings most pain. Man’s curiosity is the next one on line for leadership. Competition, that is; but, to what sun in the universe is Man attracted to? Man is attracted to two sources of light, and he becomes confused when attracted to no light. Both are painful, though the sun will scorn, while Woman will bathe him in the light that sears away darkness.

There is much darkness between Earth and the sun, and Man wades through it, with murk between his toes.

Man has guilt of doing. His doing is forgiven by Christ’s wounds, by the Virgin Mother who never dropped an ounce of blood to birth that pain. Virginity is, therefore, in the place of the Virgin Mother, who has connection to undoing. An “undoing” that would mark the Virgin Mother as the woman who would birth the greatest display of pain for the world, that is not a woman giving birth. In all doing, there is pain; and, in all undoing, there is the relief of pain. The latter would be the mother who succumbs to her guilt of negligence, and begins to care.

Words of Wisdom – “A Dashing Monarchy” – Political Philosophy – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“We were fools to believe a pauper could occupy a throne, in belief of the pauper as the leader making each person as loving. Labor is the wounds of not hardship, but relieved hardship. The lazy pauper is just as clean as the rich man who pockets his provisions. Where does greed stem from? It stems from poverty. It stems from poverty taking its leap to wealth, in an instant. All lifestyles from that former time are carried into the air, into that ‘belonging’ that the pauper most desired. What is the cure to poverty? We are not each angels with wings to carry a pauper to Heaven. The pauper must know what it means to provide for others, if we should seat a pauper on a throne, for leadership.

Democracy is a failure against Monarchy, because it believes all the rich became rich, at an instant. In reality, it is what Democracy excels at, a mass production of riches, and a mass production of rich people. A pauper knows not how to provide, if all the pauper knew was the misery in survival. Should they know love, then they know how to give, and yet, they look upon giving ones with alien eyes.

Under the shadow of a King, we see the responsible one; for a rich man is divided between only two personalities: as either a spender or a hoarder. What has Democracy failed at, the most? It has failed, in the way of placing paupers on the throne of leadership, and believing that new leader to be a provider.

Leadership is a place of responsibility. It is a place of love and giving. It is a place of example, not force.

No pauper who knows only the ways of ‘providing for the self’ will know what it means to ‘provide for another’. With such paupers as leaders, consumerism and mass production are the only results. Each pauper consumes, because their lifestyle taught them to crave and to want. Any pauper who loves, will only love without the aforementioned ‘alien eyes’, and having instead ‘understanding eyes’ that utter the words, ‘I have traveled that road’.

Democracy fails by placing victims as leaders, without understanding, without compassion, and who are rich, but cure no problems.”

Words of Wisdom – “Between Reality and Love” – Philosophy on Love – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“In reality, we walk upon Earth. As well, we walk upon others. Obsessed with reality, we unknowingly walk upon others, through, as well, our obsession with discovery. Discovery of all realities, all things there to be touched, smelled, or tasted, are the senses we utilize when we perceive something in closeness. And yet, such senses of those individual three, are always to be the senses utilized when in that ‘heat of lust’ we describe to be made for ‘blood, sweat, and tears’. From flesh, we bleed, and through pain, we feel it. From sweat, we smell it. From tears, we taste them, as they drain to our open mouth. And, for the other two senses, of sight and sound, we can still be close enough to see, close enough to hear, either the sight of pain, or the sounds of pain.

For to be close enough to touch, smell, or taste, may as well be close enough to be the cause of the injury. For how can we cause the injury without opening the wound, or in the case of discovery, opening the book?

‘Appetite’ is the word we use during when we consume, utilizing the three ‘lustful senses’ in exact consecutive order. We touch the flesh, to smell the flesh, to taste the flesh. And, we are all rapists of ourselves and others at that point, obsessed with privacy and identity.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Definition of an Afterlife, of Heaven, of Eternal Love” – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

Why would one question the realness of a Heaven?

Is this an attempt to forget a past? Such should be seen by all as an attempt by an Atheistic community to forget what religion spoke about, though still occurs. How do we define an afterlife?

It occurs today. We see Hitler and Stalin even for the genius they have somewhat shown in their time. We analyze their spoken words, for that is because we do not define a life by failure. The only failure that doomed both Hitler and Stalin, was the one that killed them.

Even among the most evil, we attempt to drag out even the smallest memory from those sorts, that reveals even the smallest fragment of goodness. For that is how an afterlife is defined, by the ‘eternal love’ from a memory that cannot be small. That is because it represents an eternity from something we always relate to when history repeats itself. Once more, we do not define a life by its death, but by its life, and the memories of good from even the most evil.

We prevail in every scenario, before we fail for the failure that kills us, because what has Darwin noticed besides the primary goal for each organism, which is ‘survival of the fittest’ or perhaps just simply ‘survival’? The one failure that kills life, is the only failure a life will ever experience. And those memories are cast as ‘eternal love’, an ‘afterlife’ for the person of even the most evil intent, to be remembered for their life, not their failure.

We study Hitler’s speeches, Stalin’s speeches, and many call them genius, because we are at a stalemate where we cannot speak ill of the dead, without defining ourselves as what goes against survival, which is cowardice.

And, in that love, we are eternally strong.

It is that realness of what we suppose does not exist, because what has been buried is inevitably forgiven by life, never remembered for failure, but forgiven for failure, and remembered for even the smallest increment of goodness.

What does Atheism have as as argument for this? What can an Atheist say for what they commonly do? It was Darwin, who has been called a Blasphemer by religious folks, who dubbed the term ‘survival of the fittest’ in what has been stated, here. It is science that makes analogies of the dead, though play directly into God’s hands.

For what good does love have, if it is not upon the ground in which we walk, in the soil where we have buried something to supposedly forget? It does nothing.

Love, upon religion, is condemned for its relation to the past…

However so?

It should be obvious.

Words of Wisdom – “A State of Perpetual Distrust as a Form of Foolish Wisdom” – Philosophy on Love – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“I have come across those who state to never trust those out of caution for a world too distrusting, though their state of distrust has only come about from frequent experiences of betrayal. It should be made into academia, whatever mindset causes a person to be attracted to those never meant to be trusted. Those with bad hearts, are spoiled apples, and they end up spoiling the entire batch, as the saying goes. And yet, where is the belief in the word ‘proof’? As trust is earned, so is distrust. One proves themselves able enough to be trusted, or unable enough to be distrusted. Both require proof, and so, where is the wisdom in stating that a person should be immediately distrusted, though perhaps even treat that same person as a friend? Where is the purpose, when around someone said to be a friend, to cast wary glances in that friend’s way? Such only causes that friend of the distrusting individual, to be hurt, until their own heart turns just as spoiled as the distrusting one. For that is because this ‘perpetual state of distrust’ is merely a subtle form of betrayal.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Fragmentation of a Viewpoint” – Philosophy on Love – 10/16/2019

October 16, 2019

“Many will point out, and many more will say for others to point out, and we can then be lucky we only point a single finger out of our ten, when we are pointing at something. What this means, is the viewpoint, being fragmented when one will say, ‘All are entitled to the interpretation’. Though, to what extent does the viewpoint become another viewpoint, among eight billion others, until it is merely a fragment of the whole mirror? Of a singular sight, and were all eight billion people upon this planet to hold their own viewpoint of that one sight, it merely turns whatever was significant, into smaller and smaller insignificance. We then begin to grudgingly point to each other, and make viewpoints of others, for that one viewpoint of a single person to also become fragmented. What all this does, is deter a human from closeness, into a distance. We no longer peer into the mirror from up close, into a person’s eyes from up close, to see what may be commonalities between two persons. We lose, not sacrifice, romance and love, in this. We lose the meaning of marriage, into believing in ‘expiration dates’ for those romances. It is pathetic. Many would die for an eternal romance, and many more will die because of a failed one.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Pauper upon the Throne/The Victim upon the Throne/The Wounded upon the Throne, is the Animal on the Throne” – Political Philosophy – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“The start of a Democratic revolution created the dethroning of every Monarch known for every society. All paupers, facing injustice and inequality, comprehended nothing of the word ‘provision’. Any pauper who faces the misery of survival, is never to know the meaning of ‘the offering’. If they have something to give, that would mean they have plenty for themselves. And, most paupers have nothing to give, save for kind stares and warm hearts. Though, to a population under Democratic rule, kind stares and warm hearts do not feed a population. From this, creates greater poverty, under the iron thumb of Socialism.

Paupers, or victims, or the wounded upon the throne of leadership, creates inevitably a nation of consumerism. When a pauper is needy, when a victim is needy, when someone with wounds is needy, they want to consume. Greed is thus the manifestation of that society.”

Words of Wisdom – “On How to Comprehend the Femme Fatale” – Philosophy on Psychology – 10/14/2019

October 14, 2019

“Where a man has his genitalia for annexation, it would be when he annexes the woman down south, at the southern tip of her, as the Earth and all of land, so that all of Antarctica melts. Conquer her heart, first, all of men, before the annexation; because, should a man do the latter before the former, her lust will be a blaze, will be absorbed by her, will be spread outward from her, to make an uncontrollable inferno that all will desire to be burned by.”

“There is great strength resonating through a woman, when she is continually deceived. Allow a woman to work, as offensive as that may sound, and she will be continually deceived, through what deception is ultimately defined as. Deception has the definition of ‘usage’, to pull a human away from a home, and maintain continual usage upon the subject, until they are worn thin. It would be the same as pulling a potential slave from their native homeland, and putting them to work under the command of a master. No one forgives the Femme Fatale, for a woman of this sort cannot ever be forgiven for doings; for that is because they continually attract and doom, based on previous experiences. A society of seduction is only ever introduced due to the female psychology that resonates itself around continual usage of the person. Lust, that is, is the place of deception, is the place of usage; to be placed upon the bed, and make whatever one wills of a body, is the essence of utility. Love holds, love embraces, and never lets go, whereas lust is wild and its flames are uncontrollable.

The words ‘until they are worn thin’ is when a woman, when being deceived, will be starved of any forgiveness. In love, a woman has limited forgiveness to offer. In lust, a woman turns forgiveness into allurement. That means, for whomever unlucky man comes across her path, he will feel the continual guilt of doing, making him continually weaker, under her rays of beauty. And, more-so, such a deceived and deceiving woman will be obsessed with appearance.”