Philosophy – “The Core Difference Between Literary Fiction & Genre Fiction” – 1/22/2023

“The ideal, the ambitious, the dream cannot exist on their own. Reality has to be what solidifies an ideal, an ambition, or a dream. Otherwise, it is as empty as vapor, and as meaningless as a promise never fulfilled.”

– Modern Romanticism

Those who have wept over characters who have died, within stories that are either centered within a genre or not, are those readers to books, viewers to films, players to video games who have comprehended the real. Why else is the reason for this, other than that such readers, viewers, players, and whomever else have come to enjoy these mere “pieces of entertainment”, though have brought themselves from reality? Those people have entered into such a fictional world, from their own realistic space. To they, with their own emotions, are identifying themselves with characters that are humanized, making the real always able to align and match with the real. Reality will remain a necessary ingredient for even what’s known as “genre fiction”, as the genre stays to be identified with the pretend, the false, and the imaginary.

Genre fiction cannot exist on its own, without a crossover from literary fiction. That must be said, because genre fiction might have its world to affect its characters; though, upon what emotion will such a world affect them? We are, as humans, bound to a world, to even our world within our minds, crafted out of memories that we have grown attached to. In being attached to those memories, we cannot say that our histories are a fantasy. If we could, we’d be able to admit that if any person could be a storyteller, to craft a piece of memorable, never forgettable, work for another to enjoy, whatever has been built within such a world cannot possibly hold a single teardrop given for its creation. A storyteller might create an imaginary world, though that imagination cannot escape from those realistic memories. Such memories, which are realistic, are only realistic because they cannot be denied. For a listener to that story, this storyteller’s memories are passed on to those who have found such a creation to be memorable.

Listeners to stories become attached to those events, brought on by characters that such listeners are a witness to, and then cannot differ them from themselves. Such means that these characters cannot be differed from all realities from that listener’s place, were they to place that fictional world aside. For even beyond that fictional world, they’ll still remember what they’ve experienced.

Literary fiction can exist on its own, because reality, as it has been said, cannot be differed in any type of context. Placed into genre fiction, reality gets identified with all others to its likeness. What is reality? It can be said that reality is merely what we say is the same as ourselves, for to repeat it, no reality can be differed. An ideal, however, can be differed from another. One person’s “perspective” is their ideal version of reality, though not reality, itself. Whether named as a perspective, an angle, or a perception, that is idealistic to an individual. All this means is that were genre fiction to ever be memorable, it must encompass even a sliver of reality. It must embrace the emotional value, for characters and humanized fantastical creatures to no longer be differed apart. One might look to a human character, identical to us, as listeners to a story, and believe it possible for that human character to show emotions. At the same time, one can look to a fantastical creature, such as a dragon, and only believe it possible for that dragon to show emotions when it becomes humanized. That is the reality that cannot be differed from all reality.

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