Poem – “The Flesh that now Guards Me” – Romance

When upon the time in a distant romance,When love once guarded her form,When a frame had guarded a painting,When my arms had guarded truth,I knew for once in my life,That my home is not this home;It is the space in her heart,And upon a face, where quivers an aching smile,I would die to know her,… Continue reading Poem – “The Flesh that now Guards Me” – Romance

Poem – “A September Storm” – First Ten Stanzas – 7/29/2019

Beauty has marked my way,By dismembered flesh.This is a tale of remembrance,To one loss, that pined my heart.One that left me aching,One that left me wanting. Oh, father. When shall you return?Grief has left me with stainsOf the countless struggles beneath swaying grass,And petals that fall to my hands,Leave me to count the steps, if… Continue reading Poem – “A September Storm” – First Ten Stanzas – 7/29/2019

Poem – “Your Waning Breath” – Romance/Grief

Love has left me,By the sight of thee,And how beauty has made itself null.Voided by disease and tranquil miseryFor I cannot tell the difference,As all I feel is this stone: - Indeed, a stone I hold in my left hand,Has shriveled to the size of my heart,It is my heart, turned to coal,Is coal a… Continue reading Poem – “Your Waning Breath” – Romance/Grief

Poem – “The Discarded Angel” – Romance/Grief

I feel for thee,My worn beauty.Your frail, and vivid form,Shows likeness to me. I find destiny, itching to see,The most heinous parts of us,Broken together, we are soon among death,Failing to remember, beneath bated breath.And your eyes!They revealed the most sickening heartache. You died, with your love entwined,Vast in the many folds, of your long… Continue reading Poem – “The Discarded Angel” – Romance/Grief

Poem – “My Grave, and its Openness” – Horror/Romance

Beautiful death,With a time, to an hourglass,There is sand, that trickles, past my form,Sculpted, as the David, and crucified,For the sins, of a one.Woman! My love, you are, as death,Never lifted aboveThe closeness, to poverty. With each groan, in savage pain,You remain enticed, by loathing.So much pain,Has crossed, your eager mind.So much shame,Has made itself,… Continue reading Poem – “My Grave, and its Openness” – Horror/Romance