Poem – “Your Waning Breath” – Romance/Grief

Love has left me,
By the sight of thee,
And how beauty has made itself null.
Voided by disease and tranquil misery
For I cannot tell the difference,
As all I feel is this stone: –

Indeed, a stone I hold in my left hand,
Has shriveled to the size of my heart,
It is my heart, turned to coal,
Is coal a stone?
It is black and appears volcanic,
Love has left her.

She had once shown grace,
By the steps so wonderfully taken,
Upright on the legs that perch,
Her form below,
So that a flower is plucked,
And she may cast her nostrils towards it.

Love has left her,
And death replaced her.

Love has left me,
And a stone has replaced me.

Numbness, and the soothing failure,
What a combination of words!
What a sadness I feel,
When a stone is all I wield,
A numbness, or a sadness, I cannot tell,
When both linger in the depths of Hell.

Blessed by the winter,
Made to remember,
Though, a stone is all to know,
By how prevalent loss is here to show.

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