Philosophy – “The Purpose of a Polarity” – 2/15/2022

“Are we meaning to make more than what simply is, being the vastness of one subject or the landscape of different views of those meant or should be given light? There is a necessity to a divide. It comes during an era of complexity. Boundless complications require their simplification. If simplification wasn’t a response to the complex, we’d not understand the complex.”

– Modern Romanticism

The world is filled with politics and genuineness, business and honesty, religion and rational thinking. The world is filled with polarities.

Most believe people in the notion that not everything is black and white. Although, even if a person attempts to reason one out of war-like or conflict-introducing thought, it was the “unique perspective” that, perhaps being outside the norm, merely was the polarity of peace to the war.

To understand the humanity or the reasons behind a person’s actions, then to mention that what was done cannot simply be “right” nor “wrong”, would also be in comprehension to how a side has been taken. Or it should be. When we understand that the soldier fought not for the right nor wrong reasons, though for their reasons, their view to which we say might be “unique” or “outside the normative ways” is also polarizing in our now-present bout of confusion. This confusion stems from knowing what is complex about a world, or about a person. A person is complex, as this is what confuses us. As humans, we divide because we crave sanity. We are not meant for confusion or the sheerness of complexity in that we are always meant to be “outside of the outside”, so we remain locked in. If we were always complex, then the soldier would not have been one, fighting for their reasons, their cause.

We simplify the complexity of the world, because without doing so, we would not understand what is complex. When we can understand what is complex, we are not constantly proud in the belief of our supposed “uniqueness”. We are not meant to be so much wishing to stand apart from all else, that we soon gain a god complex mentality.

As everyone else, as humans, our divides come from the eagerness to be sane. Our eyes find a shattered puzzle, and we meant for it to not remain as the confusing abstract. Naturally, we build the puzzle, as the same is said for an architect to a city. We build the puzzle, the same as construction workers build the shops, the hospitals, and the museums and libraries. Simplicity is the sanity, in knowing how to divide the purpose of a shopping mall from a gas station.

10 Reasons why Love has no Relation to Consumerism – 4/8/2021

1. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, in that it has nothing to do with division.

2. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because itself relates to never having a choice.

3. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because the consumerist mind has more to do with wanting an excuse, being able to reason, and having infinite choices.

4. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because “having a choice” would be more oriented towards cheating or committing infidelity.

5. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because itself has more of a relation to honesty. It is honesty that has a relation to a lack of freedom or a lack of the ability to excuse oneself.

6. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because it bases itself on remembered standards, which the consumerist mindset has none.

7. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because the consumerist mindset has more of an affiliation with easily-manipulated & exploitable feelings, over anything eternal.

8. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because itself has nothing to do with manipulation. It is manipulation that compares to the ability to reason, and then to wriggle oneself out of responsibility.

9. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because the consumerist mindset has a better comparison to freedom. It is the concept of freedom and infinite choice that limits itself in terms of a value’s longevity, to be more aligned with worth for the infinite amount.

10. Love has nothing to do with consumerism, because the consumerist mindset comprehends infinite choice as the independence of the person. It is independence that compels a person to rebel against the past, for which love encompasses.

Philosophy – “Societal Breeding of Categorical Minorities” – 12/21/2020

“One’s empathy become crossed out in the sand, as one’s desire to aid becomes extinguished, all in the most automatic fashion, soon when they believe people should be categorized.”

– Modern Romanticism

Categories of people? Groups of people? Segregation of minorities into lists of each? All of this is against the empathy that rules what is understood as unity.

It is in the categorization of people, that those groups become certain armies, given special training for special circumstances. Empathy become omitted, by that categorizing person’s deliberate intent to stray away from understanding all as equal. By comprehending certain people to be categorized, such makes the categorizing one as someone who believes in the need to know what is expendable. It is the same as understanding what is written upon a restaurant menu. A restaurant menu can depict what is suitable for one’s hunger, versus what is bound to make one incredibly full. In comparison, such categories on a menu, upon when people are the same, makes such persons treated as expendable.

How can it not, when we look at certain minorities for how they appear in the world, versus what they are able to do? There are those who categorize them, for the sole sake of them “looking good” in the world, or appearing to be “assimilated” with everyone else. However, when empathy becomes involved in that minority’s own profession, that is special treatment. Though, when empathy becomes involved in the friendly manner, outside of the professional world, it becomes utterly appropriate.

Those who categorize human beings, are not seeking unity. They are seeking division, being the opposite. This is because when one only considers how a person appears within those groups, such aligns itself with how a person can either be living or dead. To be someone of a group, would pertain itself directly to division, due to that “being divided” is a state by which a person is no longer ordered. Appearance would relate to division, as beauty is able to decay, while action will be what relates to unity.

And, to remind oneself that appearances would relate to division, is easily comparable to the menu that displays the lists of available options. One, who is categorized, is an expendable, is never loved, is never accepted. They are merely the new introduction, as something tolerated.

Quote – “Why Business Manipulates” – 12/7/2020

“A businessman will look upon you as an idiot for believing he is ‘creating’ something. No. He is causing something. He is causing something to stir. He is causing someone to panic. There is profit from emotions, much like how a looter steals a television, while the chaos acts as a distraction.

The distractions of people’s eyes from truth, marks business as deceptive. The more chaos, the more money is made. The more distractions, the more people might die behind curtains, though people’s eyes have been facing towards what they want to know.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Why Business & Politics does not Create Justice” – 12/6/2020

“Think on it. Where is the patience, in convenience? Where does a person find money, when it comes to creating something? Ah, but causation? To cause the swarm of chaos? That’s profitable. People’s emotions are profitable, when easily manipulated. The more you can break down, the more you can plunder from the wreckage.

Justice is the creation of it. Revenge is the causation of someone’s life, shown as shared torment. A deal, of supposed ‘fairness’. An exchange of malice, made to be distinct from the slightest flaw. Perfection must be the dealer’s absolution. No flaws are allowed.

Betrayal is always the instinct of revenge, so there is no Justice, among business, among politics.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Why Art is not Subjective” – 5/18/2020

“For all the infinite amount of pains in this world making up the subjective realm, there is still the seemingly ignored objective realm of love. What is art, if not expression? What is both love and expression, if not freedom and liberation? Therefore, whoever thought that standards were confinement, instead thought to enslave.”

– Anonymous

Call art to be subjective, then you’ve automatically turned the quality of an artwork to the quantity of an artwork. Subjectivity is defined as a whole being fragmented into a multitude. It is a fact, something objective, being turned into the numerous. It is what defines abstraction, when a person of such numbers, not wholeness, cannot see themselves as the latter. They see themselves fragmented, unable to collect what they can place in a piece for another to understand.

An artist should care for what the viewer thinks, as what has been created should be clear. Convey truth, like a leader should, with that clearness and an honest self. Truth is what art is meant to reveal. Everything of a person, that is broken, should not become art until it is collected of every fragment. Otherwise, the division you place in your art, as an artist, creates the inevitable confusion the viewer feels of your abstraction, when they cannot understand it.

Art cannot be subjective, when the greatest of masterpieces were created from the greatest of pain, meant for the connection to the viewer. In that connection, there is the oneness and union associated with love. The greatest of sorrows, being of emotions that are meant to create union among a world of viewers who are not blind, created that art. Love, a universal emotion, heals pain, being of numerous conflicts. If we, as artists, use our art to heal, then we are saying that art is objective. If we, as artists, use our art to show and glorify pain, then we are saying that art is subjective. Art is meant to heal pain, not create further shock.

It is true that for each person, their tale for their pain is different. Though, it is not so different in how we heal each other.

Love is the uplifting inspiration of art. If love is said to come from God, and God is said to be a creator, then where it also says that flesh will rise to be in Heaven, it merely means that truth is revealed through the trust for it. Why would an artist be so egotistical to say that no one on Earth can comprehend their work? It is egotism, because it isn’t true.

The honest art, as the pain that can be ripped from the agonized artist, is all the honesty to do with what art is meant to create. Healing. Art is meant to heal, and for all its diverse styles for each tale of pain, what person out there could not comprehend perhaps the pain of loss? To lose something important is something that each person can comprehend is the same sort of sting. Still filled with the pain, though it is only the story conveyed as the truth from the artist, to make up the artist’s individualism. One, as an artist, should not be proud of their accomplishment to create pain in a viewer, out of the shock confusion that is the typical reaction to abstraction. One, as an artist, should be proud of their accomplishment to heal another’s pain. This latter way makes art the objective expression.

An expression, being something for external offering, is like art, being a gift. Like love, it is never deserved, though is simply given. If this writing confines art, then such a person stating that must believe that love is a confinement, or that love should never be the free emotion. Rather, through this, it is proved that art is free in its expression, and free in the healing and love it offers.

We are pained people, and even if we lack a talent to properly swipe a canvas with a brush, whatever else we create is fulled with clarity. If someone still disagrees, then go ahead to raise your children, your own creations, with deceit. Go ahead to become your nation’s next Prime Minister or President, to rule through sheer manipulation. Whatever you create will only ever bury truth deeper, though won’t kill it.

Make art into something known as the objective facet of honesty from the artist. When an artist can create, he or she can create something that was buried. To spawn life from something thought to be forgotten. For what else makes the eternal art, as the art connected to the healing force of love, if not for something we believe is dead, though the memory lives on? Is this why an artist’s works are never appreciated fully during the artist’s time?