Philosophy – “Why Art is not Subjective” – 5/18/2020

“For all the infinite amount of pains in this world making up the subjective realm, there is still the seemingly ignored objective realm of love. What is art, if not expression? What is both love and expression, if not freedom and liberation? Therefore, whoever thought that standards were confinement, instead thought to enslave.”

– Anonymous

Call art to be subjective, then you’ve automatically turned the quality of an artwork to the quantity of an artwork. Subjectivity is defined as a whole being fragmented into a multitude. It is a fact, something objective, being turned into the numerous. It is what defines abstraction, when a person of such numbers, not wholeness, cannot see themselves as the latter. They see themselves fragmented, unable to collect what they can place in a piece for another to understand.

An artist should care for what the viewer thinks, as what has been created should be clear. Convey truth, like a leader should, with that clearness and an honest self. Truth is what art is meant to reveal. Everything of a person, that is broken, should not become art until it is collected of every fragment. Otherwise, the division you place in your art, as an artist, creates the inevitable confusion the viewer feels of your abstraction, when they cannot understand it.

Art cannot be subjective, when the greatest of masterpieces were created from the greatest of pain, meant for the connection to the viewer. In that connection, there is the oneness and union associated with love. The greatest of sorrows, being of emotions that are meant to create union among a world of viewers who are not blind, created that art. Love, a universal emotion, heals pain, being of numerous conflicts. If we, as artists, use our art to heal, then we are saying that art is objective. If we, as artists, use our art to show and glorify pain, then we are saying that art is subjective. Art is meant to heal pain, not create further shock.

It is true that for each person, their tale for their pain is different. Though, it is not so different in how we heal each other.

Love is the uplifting inspiration of art. If love is said to come from God, and God is said to be a creator, then where it also says that flesh will rise to be in Heaven, it merely means that truth is revealed through the trust for it. Why would an artist be so egotistical to say that no one on Earth can comprehend their work? It is egotism, because it isn’t true.

The honest art, as the pain that can be ripped from the agonized artist, is all the honesty to do with what art is meant to create. Healing. Art is meant to heal, and for all its diverse styles for each tale of pain, what person out there could not comprehend perhaps the pain of loss? To lose something important is something that each person can comprehend is the same sort of sting. Still filled with the pain, though it is only the story conveyed as the truth from the artist, to make up the artist’s individualism. One, as an artist, should not be proud of their accomplishment to create pain in a viewer, out of the shock confusion that is the typical reaction to abstraction. One, as an artist, should be proud of their accomplishment to heal another’s pain. This latter way makes art the objective expression.

An expression, being something for external offering, is like art, being a gift. Like love, it is never deserved, though is simply given. If this writing confines art, then such a person stating that must believe that love is a confinement, or that love should never be the free emotion. Rather, through this, it is proved that art is free in its expression, and free in the healing and love it offers.

We are pained people, and even if we lack a talent to properly swipe a canvas with a brush, whatever else we create is fulled with clarity. If someone still disagrees, then go ahead to raise your children, your own creations, with deceit. Go ahead to become your nation’s next Prime Minister or President, to rule through sheer manipulation. Whatever you create will only ever bury truth deeper, though won’t kill it.

Make art into something known as the objective facet of honesty from the artist. When an artist can create, he or she can create something that was buried. To spawn life from something thought to be forgotten. For what else makes the eternal art, as the art connected to the healing force of love, if not for something we believe is dead, though the memory lives on? Is this why an artist’s works are never appreciated fully during the artist’s time?

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