A Note on Bereavement – “Depression, the 4th Stage of Grief” – 6/7/2020

It is initial, that one will be in the stage of denial, while anger will accompany it, soon after. One, in denial, is frustrated that the matter took place, that the loss took place, as such anger will spark tears. One lashes out, because acceptance is so far away from the current tension. In recent… Continue reading A Note on Bereavement – “Depression, the 4th Stage of Grief” – 6/7/2020

Poem – “A Nest Full of Tresses” – Romance – 8/20/2019

Beauty's empire, or beautiful empire,Has arrested its attention upon the Earth.Many treks are walked to see it,And a one, a woman is there to embrace it.I have offered it,As I have extended it.I was not the one who voided it,As much as it displeased her.I have a fit torment,To walk in her shadows,Created by melting… Continue reading Poem – “A Nest Full of Tresses” – Romance – 8/20/2019

Poem – “The Art of an Angel” – Romance/Descriptive

How do I, describe the one,Who has, lifted me, from deprivation?How do I, describe the woman,So beautiful, as to, unearth woes, from a, past life? To make me see, all that, has come to be,And the failures, from faiths, I transgressed, too horridly,All mathematics, and all stars,Point to an answer, I've long been, desiring to… Continue reading Poem – “The Art of an Angel” – Romance/Descriptive

Poem – “As I Drown within Thee” – Romance

Petals have fallen, over a naked leaf,The soil has been where I found thee laying,Frozen and dead, with a mark upon thy forehead,The mark of terror. The mark of a beast.The mark from a man,Who knew your heart, taken to keep. Beloved, with thy tranquil eyes,That I still see, beneath this frail temple,You have hair… Continue reading Poem – “As I Drown within Thee” – Romance

Poem – “The Weight upon my Palms” – Romance

You surround yourself in an ebony shield,An ebony garb, made by your loathing.It feels to me like a weight upon my palms,For I am the one who holds it close,Like a man without the groping tensionOf one perpetual shame. Disease and wine swim well with the other,How famous we are, when in love,But never so… Continue reading Poem – “The Weight upon my Palms” – Romance

Poem – “The Beauty of Her” – Romance

In admiration of your form,Upon the pedestal where you stand,The base to make you a statue,Raised high enough for viewing eyes.In loving you, I have made art,I have made a woman of marble. I love thee, with all thy famous beauty.Console me, dear one, with all the infamous tragedy.The fallen tears, down from your cheeks,Will… Continue reading Poem – “The Beauty of Her” – Romance

Poem – “A Chest Full of Stars” – Romance

Go belittle all else!Unto this rotten love,Of all else given,We've dismembered enough,As our cries show many agonies,Many moments of eternity. We are frail children,Tiny ones of no might.We have death as mothers,And cruelty as fathers. We are children perhaps of love?We are what remains of a rotten world,And its disguised future.Funerals surround us in antiquity.… Continue reading Poem – “A Chest Full of Stars” – Romance

Poetry of Longing – “The Theater of Ardor” – Poem #1 – 7/8/2019

Your tears know deeply, my futility,My shameful passion that I exalt, so easily.You have beauty running over youAs years of worn flesh. You have eyes that run nakedThe tears of a yesteryear. Of a past so dormant as the lastTime you had poured a tear from a velvet eye.Of all times where denial roams,I am… Continue reading Poetry of Longing – “The Theater of Ardor” – Poem #1 – 7/8/2019