Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Erotica Poetry – “Demure Beauty” – Collection – Poem #2 – 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019

I find letters scrawled,
Upon your worthless back.
You have never been a gift for my liking,
A woman, broken,
Made for the coins upon a road.
You are longing for temptation.

Demure, you have become,
By the traces of blood on your eyes,
Beneath your eyes,
A storm comes hanging.
The tiredness from my fingers,
Knows to withdraw.

A lost bird,
Soon becomes tranquil,
For it has died.

It became the sorry thing,
To meet the meadow’s engrossment of flame,
Upon the night of deep bliss.

You were that sorry bird,
Of only one wing,
With eyes of coldness,
Though, you are demure,
With breasts shaped as glistening puddles,
And a thorn between your legs,
One that edges, upon height,
As those legs tremble in their heat.
They are as two pillars of flame,
And both are rotten.

Love leaves when Heaven departs,
And God saw Himself fit, to be lost,
Among the fragrances of womanhood,
As I did.

As I gave into the kiss you blew,
For my steaming recollection,
For my fiery furnace,
There was beauty all around,
So tortured,
Though, it was demure.


Poem – “I Took a Dive into Hell, and Found Love Waiting” – Romance – 9/7/2019

September 7, 2019

Your face,
With idle tulips grown from lips so sweet,
And eyes so resplendent against the moon’s gleam,
I wish to know of your beauty.
Of glassy complexion, and everything wanting,
Of everything wanted, by me.

You have a heart that needs holding,
For it deserves freedom.
There are chains,
Needing to be removed,
A love I have vowed to embrace,
With all my brutal might.

My beauty,
With arms so bared against the cold wind,
And a slender form against the warm flame,
Of my desires and their fanned selves,
Made to stoke, made to raise,
Made to also freeze the world into contentment.

I vow to love, and love forever.
Shall we take on the world, in force?
I will take your hand in blessed marriage,
I have commanded a train of this love,
So that it may take us further,

To a meadow where we’ll lay and kiss.

Beauty deserves a moment of adoration,
And love deserves an eternity of intoxication.

Poem – “When Love Rains Down Against my Temples” – 8/17/2019

August 17, 2019

I could see the necessity in wishing to know,
The love I’ve come to commit to my own atrocity.

My beauty, you have exquisiteness in every breath,
And a mark upon your shoulder has been to count,
Each subtle sigh under morning light,
In before I come to share my place near your death.

Love at my left hand, and my hope in the right.
I am a man of many angles,

And many divides to count for too many.
There has been desertion staining our hearts,
And now I find myself wanting.
“For what?” I ask, and then I comprehend it:

I am in awe for the woman who hasn’t rested,
Has been afield in the work of too many men,

Too many droplets of salt, have played a part on your stress,
Come to me, dear woman, when you’ll feel yourself
Wanting to fall, and create an imprint
Of yourself in the soil.

A devil had made this world,
And there is indeed purpose among it.
But, to find myself more wanting,
For the angelic tears that make a journey,
Across your withered cheeks,
Makes me find more meaning.

Words of Wisdom – “Distinguish Love from Lust – Pt. 2” – 7/28/2019

July 28, 2019

“How else does one distinguish love from lust, other than what the North represents, in contrast to the South? Antarctica, or the South Pole, is larger than the North Pole. This creates the term ‘opportunity’ among places that are larger to occupy. The North Pole, refers to a woman’s heart. The South Pole, refers to a woman’s loins. And we should remove from what has been written, that the most cowardly of men, will ‘follow the current down’ to ‘what they truly want’, over ‘fighting against the current’ to ‘see what will truly challenge them’. The heart would challenge a man. To dominate, to conquer, requires physical force, when we refer to the South; and to the North, such dominance, such a conquest, would require great perseverance, and the will to battle unknowns, and never what the man has longed for since but a little adolescent. It would, most of all, require the heart from a man. For a woman wears a heart on her sleeve, and a man buries his heart beneath hardness.”

Words of Wisdom – “Respect, as Occasionally the Replacement for Love” – 7/14/2019

July 14, 2019

“Love is automatic and gifted, whereas respect is earned and disposable. The respected are not so easily loved. To desire respect is not so much to desire a risk of the life, the unguarded life, and the unguarded heart. We, as stubborn humans, who desire respect, will guard all our weaknesses. Through respect, we place upon our faces a mask, where we believe nothing can penetrate it. It is just so, from the man to the woman, and her body is too much the beauty to penetrate in the figurative sense, that the strongest man will find his way to her heart. For if it is his heart that controls him, and not his mind, he’ll find himself tangled in her veins. Respect oftentimes is the replacement for love, because with people who desire the former, the latter becomes our weakness, and there is no way we wish to allow our guards to drop. Especially through love, when our shields are willingly dropped. From the knight to his beloved maiden, he’ll submit with knee to the floor, before his most wanted devotion.”