Quote – “The only way a Minority can be Entrusted” – 6/3/2020

“Those who claim to be there for minorities, in the manner of being dutiful as one is a leader, will be nullified of such a claim, were they to not realize a single thing. That single realization, is to comprehend that an individual right is most important, when the individual makes up the smallest form of a minority. The individual, being the smallest form to any of the minorities, can indeed be entrusted to act for the responsible self. When responsibility makes up the individual’s doings, they no longer will believe that Justice has a meaning in external placement upon them. One who announces the importance of Justice for minorities, will not comprehend the meaning of Justice, were they to deny that Justice is only dealt from an effort to absolve from personal dealings. Those personal dealings are there to uphold human desire, and while human desire is on the side of Vengeance, it is Justice that requires such effort to maintain its own structure. Justice has a structure of its own, while Vengeance will always be the thing to tear it down.

One cannot claim to fight for minorities, if they cannot recognize that a person’s individual right to be responsible, is the only creed of Justice around. For to say one should be justified on their irresponsible actions, will not be the objective definition of Justice. It will be the objective definition of Vengeance, in the belief that one can personally deal with another who crafted wrongdoing. It is because wrongdoing can only be dealt with, when the individual faces themselves in their own reflection, to see what they’ve caused.”

– Anonymous

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