Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Poem – “The Unforgiving Rope” – Romance – 8/22/2019

August 22, 2019

Dragged at my feet,
Is the unforgiving rope.
Binding me, and blinding me,
Because I cannot stand,
And so I need aid,
To be able to see,
All that I have corrupted for me,
Beyond the grief from the sea.

You would deny me all?
Reach into me, to see sweetness,
And then know bitterness?
I have a heart that has stopped,
I reach my hands to the sky
So that I may pull you down.
I only wish to unite,
With one weeping angel.

A rope at my feet,
And one at my neck.
A knife at my ribs,
And one that shreds my heart.
Deny me the gift,
To see the passion of a man,
Who shall lock lips,
With one angel of sentiment.

There are memories still too deep,
To unearth from stones atop,
Where they’ve been buried.
I bury to forget,
I have buried your body.
I look up to see,
What may be peering down,
Upon my swollen eyes.

Upon the cross, I am nude,
A wailing man, and so crude.


Poem – “From Love to Rust” – Romance – 8/22/2019

August 22, 2019

I cripple myself,
In horrid wings formed of bleak feathers,
And I have pleasured myself in sadness,
For it was a bottle I drunk from,
That had your bitter tears.

I found love awaiting me,
And drew joy close to me.
Love was stilled, as a heart, buried in dust,
A milk-white breast glided past a heart,
The Devil in me had awoken.

I nested her beauty in a chamber of ice,
And made music from plucking each heart-string.
Death, and its music of somber notes,
Fell upon my ears, and laid there,
Death was my token to realization.

I am a mere man of nothing true to be harbored,
To be expressed, upon sheets with pen in hand.
I have a face that is bruised,
As I deal in the business of drunkenness.
Misery has always been my mate.

Feel the Nihilism crawling gently
And closing its jaws about my neck.
I am a man of nothing comprised to make love a truth,
What I have undone to fail,
As she sleeps between two fallen stones.

Two nails and two pillars,
That have closed shut a coffin.

Poem – “I Beg to be Differed” – 8/18/2019

August 18, 2019

I neglect truth, wherever it stands,
Plead for difference, wherever it lands,
And make myself whole, through indifference,
I beg to be differed, in manhood and resplendence.
For I am weak by your side,
With eyes that drop to a finger
That is your own,
Gleaming with a ring.

Wherever the world rotates,
I am not there.
Wherever kisses are offered,
I am not shared,
With them,
And I am alone, with a thought,
As my only company –
It says, “Your failing is a disgrace.”

I bleed for eternity to comprehend a woman,
Herself, the heart, too deeply buried.
I reach, and take nothing
But the air, and the scent of a long-faded distance.
Love has left itself blind on my cheeks,
Formed as lips, though that moment
Never occurred, was never given, and never was a memory.
She has only ever been a phantom.

Bleed with me, and all that makes you ethereal,
You are more-so the God, than ever I’ve been.
I am nude, and you are clothed,
I am no longer beautiful, with stretched scars.
I am a man with a face, that is deformed.
And more dead than you’ve ever been.

Poem – “Nothing but the Pain I Feel” – Romance

August 8, 2019

With scars so engraved,
Am I able to dig them out?

Am I am able to see,
That which has muddled thee,
By the sin we both breathe,
In bitter misery?

Bandage these sores,
For they’ve accumulated,
Vast swarms of flies,
Longing to feast.

I have failed my own God,
The woman I adored,
And now see tragedy,
Upon my doorstep.
He calls himself, “Death”,
And fails to see mercy,
Unless that is his wish,
One I am too blinded to see.

Females in their term of turmoil,
Enemies have betrayed them.
I feast and dine upon wine,
Upon the blood of a youthful swine,
One of which I call “mine”.
Until bones are ashes under the guise of time.

Berate me, now and forever,
The wickedness, now and forever.
Scold me, now to forever,
Be unkind, now to the ever.

I am no man,
Just a feeble form,
Grown old by his bones,
And broken by stones.

Poem – “The Flesh that now Guards Me” – Romance

August 7, 2019

When upon the time in a distant romance,
When love once guarded her form,
When a frame had guarded a painting,
When my arms had guarded truth,
I knew for once in my life,
That my home is not this home;
It is the space in her heart,
And upon a face, where quivers an aching smile,
I would die to know her, again,
And make beauty remember me for the while.

Death has shaped her space,
A black heart has now formed tendrils,

Corruption has made its presence,
Am I still in love, or have I made death?
When modesty once placed itself about her,
As the love I made to guard her,
It was always a remembrance,
It was always a field of achievement,
It held a texture alike to those cheeks,
The ones I kissed adoringly.

My beauty, make we weep,
Beneath the moon of the evening melting
Of its silver coloring, in where I repeat,
“Make we weep! Beloved, make me weep.”

I breathe dust now over your shoulders,
And find merriment only among petals,
Where your tresses caught the air.

Flesh now guards my skeleton, and I’ve grown old,
Like the robes loose about the monk,
Like the hair loose about a woman,
Like the tears loose about the eyes,
Like the serpent coiling about the lie.

Love, with a breast I cup in one hand,
And your face in the other,
Would you rise if I kissed the mouth,
That said we weren’t worth the long road?

Poem – “As I Drown within Thee” – Romance

August 5, 2019

Petals have fallen, over a naked leaf,
The soil has been where I found thee laying,

Frozen and dead, with a mark upon thy forehead,
The mark of terror. The mark of a beast.
The mark from a man,
Who knew your heart, taken to keep.

Beloved, with thy tranquil eyes,
That I still see, beneath this frail temple,

You have hair alike the moss,
That has grown over your mausoleum.
Beauty made luminescent,
By a face now dead, as I imagine all.

Beloved, there is nothing so alive to see,
Than my delusion being real.

My hands tremble when they extend,
For the face gone from this world,
For the life gone from this world.
Wherever thou be, thou is gone.

Denial has been my labor,
Intensive, in its strain.
My mind, is now once more,
Weary and heavy.
Corruption has drawn out tendrils,
And through them, I speak words:

“Where was love in its blackness,
Where was love in its light,
To it, now bare in darkness,
To it, now bare in sight.”

Poem – “A Face, and a Hollow Form” – Romance

August 1, 2019

My sweet, kiss my bitter lips.
My love, how shall we dine on my guilt?

My beauty, with everything sweet to see,
My bitterness, is yet exquisite.

Under moon and star,
Under faces apart,
In love and lust in fire,
Far, we walk, under the endless fog,
To find a memory that was once pleasant.
Dream with me, dear woman.

Your black hair comes in long strands,
Down to where it reaches your toes.
Your lashes, your eyes, and your fingers,
All have curves to see, alike the earth,
And its curvature.
See me as former, never as latter.

Rawest pain and purest shame,
Has encompassed me in highest notes.
There is memory in my mind,
Tears in my eyes,
Each one, dropping upon soil at my feet,
Feel this with me, dear woman.

Is there Hell to separate us?
Is there Heaven to unite us?

Is there family to be made,
When we die tonight on the frozen rocks?

Poem – “A September Storm” – First Ten Stanzas – 7/29/2019

July 29, 2019

Beauty has marked my way,
By dismembered flesh.
This is a tale of remembrance,
To one loss, that pined my heart.
One that left me aching,
One that left me wanting.

Oh, father. When shall you return?
Grief has left me with stains

Of the countless struggles beneath swaying grass,
And petals that fall to my hands,
Leave me to count the steps, if you may.
Leave me, for you’ve felt not the need to stay.

No blame, upon not even the sickness,
I am only in mere longing, from your absence,
Your guidance, a shelter that was so aware,
To the shadows I cast from myself.
To the faces that seem to forget,
I hold upon my throne a note that I’ve kept:

One note that reads,
“There is much challenge to overcome,

Much to see, and much not to believe,
There is much wisdom to know,
And much more not to show,
Nor to share, nor to care.”

I had believed until now, that the world deserves promise,
I had believed that the many smiles were true,
And until I grew to know, that there’s deceit,

Among faces swollen with pride,
Among hearts said to be alive.
And, among the rest, there we have infant apples.

Few would dare to show themselves,
In a world so unkind, as kind.
Few would dare to realize the waking tension
That bellows the flames around their mark,
Into the forests or meadows
Of either Heaven or Hell.

We live, as we are, under skies gray and barren,
With a wilderness as our hearts,

Solid and strewn in the world’s deceit.
And I have lost the guidance.
I’ve become among it, the deceit and the swelling tension;
Fires and waters, making the earth spark and shimmer.

Go well with it, we have faced kingdoms and death.
Of grief and pangs of anger, of emperors beheaded.

Of despair, confusion, and the overcoming
Of a manufactured fame.
We were never the ones to earn the world’s trust,
As like anyone, whose purpose is it.

We were organic in our compelling,
And makeshift in our failings.

As humans, we felt the urge to bereave
Over that which we hold close
To bosoms and hearts,
When the latter may never start.

It is winter, and upon this season,
Cold compels me to draw close

The numbness.
The havoc winter brings, to others,
Shall bring comfort, upon me.
And never will I find beauty to be a cause.

Poem – “Lose this Hold” – Romance

July 25, 2019

Love, I’ll not ever lose this hold,
Among your hair, there are scoops of debris,
And among your cheeks, there are flowers agleam,
While among your lips, there are words stilled and silent,
As your chin was dipped in ashes,
And beholds a pale hue for myself to see.

Start weeping, and I will lose myself,
Your form is rotted and stilled,

And still do I see the colors that surround,
Your naked self,
When I had dipped my feet in your honey.
Oh, beauty! You have such a worldly complexion!

I ache, and I break, when the world takes us both.
Love finally crashes its own waves on the shoreline,
As I lean down to kiss you,
For but a moment in utter bliss.
Complete me, my torment and my woe,
My dream, my sky. My endless goodbye.

Poem – “I Believe in Beauty as a Forethought” – Romance

July 22, 2019

Make of the torment,
What thou will,
Make of it.
The priests call cues of negligence,
Make faces ripe with consequence.
And deliver judgement,
Like God in deliverance.
Oh, woman! A passion of mine.

A careful consideration,
To what may be beautiful
Has long been beautiful,
Beside me, in her endearment.
Beauty makes apples,
And apples for breasts.

I am tired of loathing
The external,

Of my sordid disposition,
Of my farewell declaration.
Of my mimicked beauty,
Of all you see of me.

Let me lick thy throat,
For guilt has overthrown me,

From the crown of achievement.
Deceit! Give me wielding,
Of all immeasurable beauty.
Have I North before South?

Have I lips before groin?
Have I mind before loin?
Lovely is her exterior, so vivid with life,
Aromas, and the fertility of the soil.
Of ocean breeze, and Autumn leaves.
Of stillness in death, and stillness in love.

I make of her, what I have always willed,
Until the day I dine on her form

It is a form of violet ashes, and much to be mused.