Poetry Collection (Tears and Later Years) – Poem 8/100 – “A Breath we both Held”

Funnel those
teardrops, into this open,
discarded mouth.
I still miss
tastes of a sunrise,
blooming without disguise,
as we caressed
stones on a rough road,
stressing for finality
to release a breath
we held, and could not
ever use to turn
our eyes, behind.

Funnel history’s glances
down insanity’s laughing throat.
Pour down all your bitterness,
as I remember it,
as I only remember it.

I realize
that you are past
a mere sunrise.
A beauty whose eyes
have become that sunrise,
and have never set
into an ocean’s depth.
You’ve found your own breath,
and kept me to death’s
simple embrace.

I will wander over
a skeletal bridge,
shouldering all those tracks
I cannot remove,
nor take back.

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