Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Errors upon Love” – Philosophy – 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019

“Each death is caused by ignorance, so therefore, no death is ever natural. We never know upon the day that our life will be extinguished. So, just like life, love should be preserved. It is the ignorance in saying, ‘We did not expect it,’ because we expect either life or love to live, forever. Though, I’d guess that with love, it is more impulse, than being practical. The question we should be asking ourselves is, ‘Which remains ephemeral, even without existence? Is it life, or is it love?’ I’d guess it to be love. It is because love is not an ‘existence’, for the same reason that Atheists will say, ‘God does not exist.’ Life is the existence, whereas love is the experience for life. I’d also guess that Mother Nature had a impulsive choice to make love, and create humans. That she is not based around realism, even in her creation of things. I associate beauty with life, and love with comfort. I associate death with poverty and loss. The loss of love? The loss of life? Why take a step down from Heaven to be upon Earth, and merely trust a human without comprehending where trust originates? And why take an additional step from Earth to be in Hell, to merely be a pauper who kisses the Earth? The ‘Heaven on Earth’ as some describe, or the ‘Hell on Earth’ as some describe, must be both.”


Words of Wisdom – “An Expression of Bliss” – 7/21/2019

July 21, 2019

“The artistic expression of utter happiness is the artistic expression of bliss. To combine, however, the sides of Heaven and Hell in the expression, is to then relieve the danger of falling into monochrome neutrality, and the bliss that surrounds lifelessness and denial; for it is to say that the human cannot merely escape from no Hell, to be in an escapism called the art form. Is art today a mere reminder? If so, then of what? Of what Hell, for one person, is there as Heaven? Of what Heaven, for one person, is there as Hell? The expression of bliss becomes, therefore, the middle-ground, where one becomes ensnared in that battlefield between Heaven and Hell, and one is no longer a chooser of sides. There is comfort here, in bliss, it is true; but, the state of being blissful makes one the target, the bull’s eye, to be struck, like practice of weaponry. The middle-ground is neither the balance, nor the happiness, but the state of never comprehending what one has escaped from, nor where one’s destination lays.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Fact of Heaven” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“Where we displace ourselves, as naked flesh, to be lifted, is in our discontent, to soon be contented. In life, discontent. In love, content. All angels call the flesh to rise. What does this refer to, besides the aspect of such flesh becoming the unified flesh? The flesh of God, is all flesh; and the message of Heaven, is at once, to hear music, at the same time, to create art, at the same time, to read poems. Shivers and quivers are what we ‘feel’ when we are lifted. It is a place that science has as well, discovered, among its numerous discoveries, dubbed the ‘higher brain’, and is the same place as Heaven. Rest. Development, or the developed. The fully grown. The eyes that see the rest. The rest, or the rest of everyone. The content. The beauty that has been raised. To love, and above to where love, and Heaven, resides. We seek answers, as humans, do we not? Then, where will we ride this power of reason, the power of the question, besides upon a road of doubt and uncertainty? Endless question is endless doubt. A destination is a place unseen by human eyes. An experience as love, is continually denied. For its use, there is none. For its moment, there are many, and they are numbered to infinity. Do we desire to see God? To finally see his so-called ‘reality’? It is not a reality that may be seen, but experienced. In who we love, in what we adore, is God.”

Poem – “I, as the Husband to Misery” – Romance

July 13, 2019

I crawl and dwell,
Where faces embrace my Hell.
Where love is most potent,
Is where my misery is frenzied.

There are demons in this place,
This wasteland of remembrance.
This place so small,
I wish it would grow tall.

I am a husband to misery.
It is because of how late the fallen evening
Has begun.
Roses sprout along the sides of walkways.
Am I in love with them?
They do not move with the wind.

I am not a husband to any eternity.
One that I’d fathom, to be eternal, as long
As the world grows sideways.
It extends as vast as my lonely heart.
Is all the world two-dimensional?
As flat as people themselves?

We seem to live,
In a world that’s lost touch with the three,
To make a family.
I am a husband to cruelty.

A wickedness I’ve seen so very vividly,
It has coursed itself over me,
It has run over my face,
As endless tears.

Words of Wisdom – “The Man to the Woman” – 6/30/2019

June 30, 2019

“The man’s words will never directly reach a woman’s mind, no matter if they aren’t romantic. Even when logical, they will strike to her heart and pluck the strings like notes played upon a harp. This is for the reason that a woman admires honesty, while logic is the epitome to honesty. Those words will raise or lower themselves, like Heaven to her head, or Hell to her knees. A man will sing a song, while playing a woman’s body as an instrument. No negative expression in this, for such words do not need to be a shout, nor the strings plucked to make the music of disorder. The music can sound as elegant as the chirping bird when upon the bough of some birch.”

Words of Wisdom – “Escapism is not Eternal” – 5/31/2019

May 31, 2019

“To understand Heaven, is to understand that Heaven is not eternal. It is temporary. In the belief that it is temporary, it should be understood that Heaven is unstable. Any foundation of peace, is always unstable and crude. It does not last, because it requires a mind to create its stability, not a heart. The arts will only lift the impoverished. Though, who lifts the arts to Heaven? Nothing. Emotion, that runs within the arts, will be as content in their torments, falling through trapdoors to see the streets, but never ascending a ladder to see the skies. The arts will never reflect ambition. True art, that is, is not ambitious. A creation is a creation, and the creator instills wisdom into the creation. The creation, however, when receiving freedom, will either descend into sloth, or ascend into paradise. Should they choose to endlessly work, they will be a slave. They will create, and be forever content. For movement entices the mover to continually move, and not a shadow, nor a light, will stop them. If Heaven is not eternal, then the one thing that is eternal is death. The satisfaction of a life well-lived.”