Philosophy – “To Hell with the Activists” – 7/3/2020

It is as if a human cannot comprehend what cannot disappear. Life, itself, that is, as it seems such activists are siding more with death. What pertains to existence? Is it what will not disappear, entirely? For something like death to disappear, would cause life to have no purpose, as life. As in, to die, because it can. Though, to what cannot disappear, being life on its own, being of life, itself, relates exactly to what an activists advocates against. Some desire prejudice to be extinguished from our world. Some desire not merely the whole of prejudice, though certain prejudices, like stereotypes, or racism. Why desire to make disappear, what cannot ever leave?

Humans are humans. People will always be people. There is no departing from who we are, at our core. What we call a “social construct” in the desire to tear it down, will inevitably result in ourselves being torn apart. We tear ourselves down, because we called what we have created a “construct” that such stupid minds believe was not made by human hands. They must believe that. They must believe that at the center of human instinct, we were not the ones to create Hell.

Hell is a construction, though more-so a causation. One can only extend Hell from their inner selves, being of what won’t soothe itself, without communication. For we are only ever prejudiced, as an expression, because we refuse to communicate with the unknown.

Hell is caused, because it causes destruction. Destruction cannot be constructed. We cannot tear down what is tearing apart ourselves. We will only succeed in tearing apart who we are, being the named “equality” that defines ourselves to be like someone else. Of the same instincts, of the same reasons, of the same motives, to fight for something that we don’t want to see die.

To extinguish the flame of the human spirit, is to make disappear what cannot leave, being life. It will not leave, because we don’t want it to leave. In essence, what an activist “fights against” is themselves, as they are blind to what they are also contributing to, being of what they oppose.

And, why would we want the greatest form of entertainment, to be erased? Human stupidity becomes our laughing stocks, when it is shown. Why would we desire prejudice to be gone, when we can find humor in it?

What an activist wants, if they cannot at all make disappear what will inevitably remain, is money. They are actually proving this written point, that they yearn to fight for their own families, through their own careers, in profiting from something that will be eternal. In being eternal, their careers are eternal. A non-stop fight to a non-stop fight, this is, and these “activists” burn in their own Hell, as well. They feel pain just as anyone else does, and disappear as individual human existences, as anything else that holds shape. But, they will not go away, just as anything else of life, itself.

8 thoughts on “Philosophy – “To Hell with the Activists” – 7/3/2020

  1. Ok but what is the alternative? We need activists to make some changes in society. Whether they want money or fame, we need them, we need people to fight for human causes.

    1. Human causes… or, human distractions. It’s more like people want an escape, just a small sliver of hope to see some end of the road, despite not realizing that such a road is endless.

      I realize that a human can sometimes crave likeness to their own weakness, being of their own cravings. When we starve ourselves of what we desire, we feel empty.

      But… since such “activists” cannot ever reach a point where those changes they make are to be indefinite and solid, they won’t ever have a focus on the quality of people’s lives.

      If there’s no way for an activist to make the changes that will perpetually remain around, then what they will desire, most of all, is control. In essence, control is a great human craving, full of ambition and egotism.

      Therefore, if an activist cannot truly do anything for the quality of people’s lives, they’ll do it simply for the gain. They’ll do it for money, making a career out of something that is actually immortal and impossible to kill so it goes away. As in, they’ll never go hungry.

      I’d say that the alternative is to simply accept what cannot go be eliminated from society, because it cannot be eliminated from us. But, what person sides with common sense and logic when they have a purpose, when they have an end? If causing chaos is to that end, based on an activist’s immense focus on something impossible to vanish, then they’ll cause it, all the more.

      It’s that a focus on something so embedded in genetic code, is merely fuel for the fire. Thus, you have an activist whose purpose is to merely activate chaos, and raise the inferno even larger.

      1. Not all activists are attention seekers. I have known great activists and some others who are career oriented.

        I say people are different. We can’t put everyone in the same bag.

      2. True.

        I guess the best answer is having no answer for a difficult and complex problem. That’s at least what I’ve learned. 🙂

      3. I’m trying to minimize humanism, I suppose.

        You know… on one end, I like to say that humans are capable of understanding one another, if they actually communicate. On the other end, I say that humans don’t even need to talk. They can just look in the eyes of that person to know what they’re thinking. This is especially the case during a funeral, or a wedding when the bride and groom stare so lovingly into the other’s gaze.

      4. Yes totally but we are so distracted and so far away from our true inner self that we don’t even look in each others eyes. And if we do, we don’t understand a thing because intuition is shut.

      5. I am heavily critical of a lot of things.

        Yet, even a pessimist has to accept the good directly offered to them, and should not just scientifically dissect and analyze the “complex significance” behind a simple gesture as being human.

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