“Wound” – Blogger’s Horror Novel – Synopsis

Synopsis: “Wound” takes place in a fictional town where its citizens have their bodies possessed by the spirits of the previous generation that lived here. None of the residents are able to heal from wounds, whether mental or physical. This is due to the concepts around the paranormal, that a ghost refuses to move on into the afterlife due to unresolved grievances. With the previous generation refusing to allow themselves freedom, the current generation must experience their memories and pain. With wounds both mental and physical, nothing ever heals as no emotional burdens nor sickness of any kind is able to be forgiven nor cured. Along with this, nothing of these conditions can kill the current generation’s bodies, since the ghosts, being already dead, cannot be killed a second time.

During one historical moment, time had halted in terms of development and being able to lose old baggage. Neither the town, itself, nor the people are able to adapt to the changes of the world, making the surroundings appear decrepit and unmaintained.

“Wound” will take a main character through the town, experiencing the emotional traumas and horrific sights they are witness to. Will they become the same as the possessed townsfolk, not being able to tell the difference between past and present, or will they maintain their sanity? This character will attempt to unravel what had cursed the previous generation to remain, staying in the minds and bodies of the present.

Poem – “I Cast Thee in Marble” – Romance

With fewest steps to climb,
In an amorous avalanche of emotion,
Wandering upwards, to where a face
Glistens, and has been frozen.
I, with marble, in hand,
Smear its molten material upon thee,
And make thee a face of beauty and frailty,
Because, I have come from the realm of love.

Eyes gilded as sapphires,
And lips swiped upon, with ruby
Paint; and listless, is thy worn face,
Because, thou art continually raped.
A face of so much shame, for what was lost,
A virgin to the sword, and a blameless sleep.
A state of grief to the most pitied sheep,
I am for thee, and must build ye, on high.

Death makes unique phosphorous,
Of deadened things, so that thy breasts
Will glisten, and make a sight to behold.
When I love, I love with a stricken self,
I love with all the sadness of the earth,
Because, it has all been placed in the greenest
Marble, and has been frozen by me.
Love at my feet, and sympathy in my arms.

I toss all thy kind messages to the skies,
Safety and gratuity, all hurled into the sharp winds.
Love is a blessing when found through comfort,
I know, for I have made the finest delicacy.
The woman of marble, made in tidiness,
Made with grace, with arms extended, and legs
Placed together, in firmness, and modesty.
When I love, I make, and in the making, I undo myself.

Poem – “My Grave, and its Openness” – Horror/Romance

Beautiful death,
With a time, to an hourglass,
There is sand, that trickles, past my form,
Sculpted, as the David, and crucified,
For the sins, of a one.
Woman! My love, you are, as death,
Never lifted above
The closeness, to poverty.

With each groan, in savage pain,
You remain enticed, by loathing.
So much pain,
Has crossed, your eager mind.
So much shame,
Has made itself, like a quilt.
You resonate, with me,
And my form, in a grave.

I am here, beneath you, for I have died,
And the angels, were once weeping,
And I have you,
The only angel, to truly shed a tear,
And spill your rain, unto my death.
You are a step, above me,
Lost, in ruin,
And I am, below you.

I am without, the ability to aid,
I am without, the urge to commit,
Because, I am dead.
Your weary form, had wrapped around me,
And, felt sad.
Your beauty, melted about me,
And turned, to dust.
Without me, you’ll grieve for eternity.

As you’ll do, beneath moonless nights,
You’ll grieve, and see your breathless, former life,
As a pure plight, because you wish to end, those cries,
By a knife, that shall, cut flesh, and bury strife.

All these lies, you have swallowed,
And could have made better, in endless morrow.
Where is the salvation, to arise,
When the world falls, beneath these heavenly lies?