“Wound” – Blogger’s Horror Novel – Synopsis

Synopsis: “Wound” takes place in a fictional town where its citizens have their bodies possessed by the spirits of the previous generation that lived here. None of the residents are able to heal from wounds, whether mental or physical. This is due to the concepts around the paranormal, that a ghost refuses to move on into the afterlife due to unresolved grievances. With the previous generation refusing to allow themselves freedom, the current generation must experience their memories and pain. With wounds both mental and physical, nothing ever heals as no emotional burdens nor sickness of any kind is able to be forgiven nor cured. Along with this, nothing of these conditions can kill the current generation’s bodies, since the ghosts, being already dead, cannot be killed a second time.

During one historical moment, time had halted in terms of development and being able to lose old baggage. Neither the town, itself, nor the people are able to adapt to the changes of the world, making the surroundings appear decrepit and unmaintained.

“Wound” will take a main character through the town, experiencing the emotional traumas and horrific sights they are witness to. Will they become the same as the possessed townsfolk, not being able to tell the difference between past and present, or will they maintain their sanity? This character will attempt to unravel what had cursed the previous generation to remain, staying in the minds and bodies of the present.

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