Quote – “Why Society is not at Fault” – 6/30/2021

"If to society we claim there is oppression, then we fail to recognize that not just to society, though to personal choice, are such issues apparent. From the claim of societal oppression, those voices become the oppressors. In controlling choice, there is who and what is deemed to be inherently correct or incorrect. However, since… Continue reading Quote – “Why Society is not at Fault” – 6/30/2021

Philosophy – “Why Love is not an Emotion” – 2/14/2021

"As they say that love conquers all, though only in the remembrance of the heart's function. To never forget the greatest importance, is above all what plagues the mind. Reconfirmation. To remind oneself of the greatest treasure, as that is to preserve the heartbeat. Why does it beat? If to love is to feel who… Continue reading Philosophy – “Why Love is not an Emotion” – 2/14/2021

Quote – “Why Perfection does not Exist” – 1/22/2021

"If a person's salvation lies upon understanding who they are, then to the concept of perfection, we should immediately know it cannot be identified with. For at the heart of all beings, we are alike. Imperfect to know each other, and never perfect enough to withstand each other."- Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “To Define Imperfection” – 11/8/2020

"Forgiveness cannot perceive fault, making all that possesses error go unsegregated from the perfected."- Modern Romanticism Forgiveness perceives nothing of imperfection, that it might always be aligned with the perfect. A perfected thing, is always in the awareness of love. Love, to its essence, is always for the imperfect to become its very opposite. Perfection… Continue reading Philosophy – “To Define Imperfection” – 11/8/2020

Philosophy – “When Freedom is meant to be Limited” – 6/9/2020

Freedom. Discovery. Reason. These things represent a person's desire to have a choice, even in the matter of being responsible. What is meant by "being responsible"? A person's responsibilities come along with having no choice, no freedom, no way to reason oneself out of it. Their desire to run, is only cowardice. For what a… Continue reading Philosophy – “When Freedom is meant to be Limited” – 6/9/2020