Philosophy – “When Freedom is meant to be Limited” – 6/9/2020

Freedom. Discovery. Reason. These things represent a person’s desire to have a choice, even in the matter of being responsible.

What is meant by “being responsible”? A person’s responsibilities come along with having no choice, no freedom, no way to reason oneself out of it. Their desire to run, is only cowardice.

For what a person has, in terms of responsibility, makes them void of freedom, void of reason. That is because what we are responsible for, we cannot escape it. All of the responsibilities we put upon our shoulders, will become a haunting from our own past, were all we to do is run. Should we next neglect our own children, our own families, when we escape the duties and responsibilities of care?

It is in the same mindset, and one cannot deny that when people reason, they believe they have more freedom in terms of the self. Though, in terms of doing right for others, or simply doing right, there is continual escape from these duties. There is a continual belief, through our power to reason, that to escape from a responsibility, means to have more freedom.

Freedom is meant to be limited, or otherwise all around us begins to decay. Division is sourced from the human ability to reason. For when we reason, we reason ourselves out of responsibility. We believe every nation to be totally free, without comprehending that as the road towards tyranny. Tyranny, being the definition of ultimate freedom, or ultimate power. Ultimate control, being what freedom in its purest sense, represents. For when we divide through the promotion of reasoning ourselves out of responsibilities, or simply being totally free, there is never a chance for an uprising against that tyranny. There is never a connection, because we never did right for others. We continually promoted discovery, and never believed that the only worthy “discovery” is in who we love, remembering that we should preserve that. By continually promoting discovery, we never connected to others, by discovering another’s heart, and identifying with them. We were simply too obsessed with knowing who we were.

Reason has little room in the realization of being responsible when it comes to loved ones. We say to ourselves when we know we have a task to commit to, “I have no choice but to do it.” Such as with caring for children, or caring for a sick and dying relative. We say to ourselves that it is our duty to care for them, because we love them.

Therefore, it is freedom that should be limited, so that we don’t ever void ourselves from these responsibilities. For all of responsibility is in the name of love, while all of freedom is in the name of choice. However, when freedom is limited, we uphold those responsibilities, so that we do not neglect. It is so our loved ones do not die quicker, do not decay faster, that we are limiting our freedom, our choice, our ability to reason or escape.

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