Quote – “Of Human Kindness” – 7/2/2020

“Human kindness is crafted behind closed doors, when our weaknesses compel us to show vulnerability where a darkness be adapted to, by the other’s eyes. A human crafting of Hell, is so external as to be far from closed doors. Though, to set that blaze to the world must have first been sparked, in betrayal, during that former setting of privacy.

We are never private with Hell, though we are always careful with nakedness.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Why Hatred cannot come in the Form of Speech” – 6/13/2020

“Hatred and love are revealed through proof. No one can speak hatred. Rather, it is criticism that speech reveals. Such criticism, through speech, is meant to be spoken at the level of high intellect. Should one be hurt by words, and words alone, the only thing those words are doing is reminding a person what they already know of themselves.

Words are a reminder. To speak to someone the words, ‘I love you’ is a mere reminder, as if the loved one forgot the proof for it. Therefore, one cannot hate another, nor love another, through speech. One must act, through love or hatred, for it to be proven as such. Again, with words, one is merely reminding someone of a fact, already proven long ago.”

– Anonymous

A Quote of Wisdom – “The True Meaning of Dominance & Submission” – 3/7/2020

“Most ignorant people will state that dominance and submission references wife-beating or domestic violence, when that is simply not true.

Dominance refers to loyalty and confidence, attributes that a man genetically possesses, in a predominant manner. To a man, vulnerability is something very alien. That is, he is not willing to simply weep around anyone. If a man weeps for a woman, it is a show of trust, for her. However, as is common, vulnerability is very well-known for a woman, for only one possible reason. It is that life springs from her. When at rest, the infant in the womb, soon does the infant ‘spring’ from her. When we are held by mothers, soon after a period of labor, we ‘spring’ from her arms to continue that labor.

Life. It comes from a woman. This is factual, of course, so when we understand ‘life’, we understand what is vulnerable. The opening, such as what a vagina signifies for ‘what is vulnerable’. An opening. It is the opening that is much like the wound. Everything or anyone that is open is free to express, free to share emotions (related to life) in the most repeated manner.

And, to come back to dominance, it is here where we view that a woman is chosen by a man, for marriage, and to say for himself that he loves her, for all her wounds and imperfections. That, he will be gentle and kind to her, never abusive nor manipulative. Dominance really only reflects the desire by a man to care, with respect unto her, for the form that will not ever be viewed to be hideous. And, she will allow that by being ‘submissive’.

With all that has been written in mind, why do we refer ‘dominance & submission’ to the very opposite of what has been described? The opposite, that refers to the destruction of what is beautiful, rather than the care of what is beautiful. It is not what people sometimes believe.”