Quote – “Of Human Kindness” – 7/2/2020

“Human kindness is crafted behind closed doors, when our weaknesses compel us to show vulnerability where a darkness be adapted to, by the other’s eyes. A human crafting of Hell, is so external as to be far from closed doors. Though, to set that blaze to the world must have first been sparked, in betrayal, during that former setting of privacy.

We are never private with Hell, though we are always careful with nakedness.”

– Anonymous

5 thoughts on “Quote – “Of Human Kindness” – 7/2/2020”

    1. I’m very tempted to weed out my lesser “followers” by writing simply “Fuck BLM” or “Fuck pride”. Just to see who stays, and who doesn’t, ya know?

      I swear, if this blog ever gets to 1,000 followers, it’ll be the first thing I’ll do. I’ll either be famous or infamous, one of these days.

      Yeah. That’s probably not something a “romantic” would write. Truth be told, I don’t take my poetry and prose even half as seriously as I do my more technical works. Such as what deals with philosophy and the more abstract concepts I’ll write about. For me, poetry and prose is more for commercialism…

      Is this called being honest? If I ever become famous or infamous, as a writer, it’s what I’ll be. The most honest person around. I’ll reject the mask and the “personality” to be myself in the work, or during some interview. I actually resent celebrities with a bright intensity. Their soulless selves, in how they influence the youth, makes me tremble with searing rage.

      I look upon tiny insect people who get “offended” by everything around, as just that. Smaller than dust, and deader than ash.

      I could go on…



      1. I know what you mean. I go through this too. I don’t know what is saleable and what is not. I know that philosophy doesn’t make you financially rich. I also understood that people don’t want awareness and depth but quick fixes only, something that I resent and don’t believe in.
        Most of the time, when I comment super shortly, it is because what is written in the post hits something deep in me and i become like speechless.

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    2. Sorry if that was sudden, as a rant.

      You’re one of the only people interested in my work, and you’ve even admitted yourself to be a fan. So… I decided above to be more “communicative” with my readers.

      I’m not out to be a fake. I’m not out to be following nonsense, apologizing for speaking the truth, just to remain on the ladder. Words like “racist” or “sexist” from whatever narrow-minded idiot sees my work, and say it is that, will be nothing but a laugh from me. I don’t see those “words” as anything more than silencing tools, and very, very puny.

      People have to look at such “words” that target people who speak of “controversial” topics, as trivial and small. You have to make it insignificant, not large in size. Such words matter for nothing at all, objectively so. They’re thrown around so easily, these words, that they may as well be like manure flung at people’s faces.


      1. You don’t need to apologise. This world is mad and one must expect anything.
        And yes I am a fan of your work, especially the philosophical one because as a poet yourself you write philosophy is a more beautiful way than I do.
        Anyway, do what you like to do best and one can feel the passionate reading your words.

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