Quote – “As Pain Forces you to Grow” – 2/9/2021

“Do not keep your hold upon the droplets. For they are meant to water the roots. Do not let anger, through the fear that burns what is dead within yourself, consume the wilderness meant to thrive. As pain may be the thorns, everything beautiful is the rose. You might find the stem unwieldable, as a tightened grasp will hurt. Let it. Let the blood stream down the long rope of green. Then, let your tears let spread the roots, at your feet.”

– Modern Romanticism

Philosophy – “Why Having a Choice Relates to a Low Attention Span” – 6/19/2020

In its respect, attention spans rely on what we realize we lack a choice in doing. To care, to be responsible for the pained child of ours, to notice that to love means to lack a choice. When we pay attention, we grant that attention when it is needed most.

To have a choice, means to abandon the duties of one needing to be responsible. Responsibility is granted unto creation. It is also granted unto what one has destroyed, and now one feels guilt for their actions. It is because reason offers a person many choices, while to love offers no choice for the individual. We are freed only of our desire to decide, to contemplate, to philosophize, when we love.

It is simple to understand, that when we see the one we love in pain, we say to ourselves that we possess no choice but to rush to their aid. It is fear that causes the realization of the danger. Though, it is not the fear that motivates us, as much as it is the feeling of love, that drives us on.

Though, when our attention spans have been shortened, it is because we always thought to have a choice. We even thought such decisions, given from our freedoms, to stretch beyond the scope of responsibility and care. We step beyond the realm of families, so that we end up as deadbeats or wretches, who do not care. We end up as Narcissistic individuals, who feel fear when attempting to comprehend another, to love them.

A lack of a long attention span is only ever formed, because of the omission of dutifulness. When we are not dutiful, we believe we are free. Through having numerous choices, we attempt to pay attention to multiple things, rather than paying attention to what is needed most. When we have many choices, we are not given many tasks, though many freedoms, as that is against the need to be responsible. To pay attention to a one, rather than on a multiple, is the same as loving someone. For we do not divide, when we love, as we see those we do love, as loved equally.

To be wholly free, means to be without a need to be responsible. Therefore, to have a low attention span, means we have not paid attention to what matters most, for another’s sake. Because, unlike a child, an adult has responsibilities, for they always pertain to providing for others, or contributing to a social realm.

It is the same when a child has a low attention span, is easily distracted, because their ways in the world co-exist with having no duties, no committed tasks, no responsibilities. A child inherently has a low attention span, because Nature has made them needing care by a mother and a father. Children have nothing to care for, except for the care-free wonders of their youth. Therefore, children have low attention spans.

Love is the emotion that requires an individual to be responsible, to be dutiful, as we lack any choice in what matters, for any matter.

Philosophy – “No One is Born Evil” – 5/15/2020

There is no genetic component within the human brain that can offer a scientist predictions on mental illness. If someone believes it to be true, then they must also believe that each human on Earth can be manufactured to be evil. Like some machine built in a factory, released in the world like the latest model of some electronic, humans are not born this way. Whoever first stated that genetics play a part in mental illness, probably doesn’t comprehend the word “potential”, nor the word “susceptibility”.

Every human on Earth has the potential to be mentally ill. Meaning, that no one is immune to environmental factors, of the 5 senses, being the only thing that creates mental illness. It is because mental illness is caught from the environment, like the ongoing COVID-19. We are not immune to those changes in the environment, though we have a choice to do one of two things. The first choice is to adapt to change, while the second is to succumb to the fear and shock of how things really are.

Of any human with their humanity, such a thing like humanity is only ever buried, when someone doesn’t want to see how much they, themselves, have changed. “Change” is a big word for mental illness. No one improves into becoming the monster. Because the word “improvement” is opposite from the word “change”, one can only change into becoming a monster, or something they never recognized from an earlier time.

Humanity can only ever disintegrate, or remain, down at its infant stage. That is because “maturity” is defined as wisdom. Growing up from infant-hood, one is expected to gather maturity with them, and take it along.

No one can be born evil, because again, evil is not manufactured like some robot being constructed in a factory. If such wants to be believed, then believe it to be that the most evil wishes to dominate the most good. Their wishes, though wanting, are never fruitful, because it is always a shadow that is cast by a light. Their wishes are not fruitful because individually always reigns as supreme, when people want to see their own light, not a greater source of darkness. If such an evil person wishes to take a person’s memories along with them, show them a light that is in front of the crowd, not in the back, then mental illness will be created, radically. It will, because no one will think for themselves, in such a world. It is because of the sun, or any source of light that creates shadows, that every bit of darkness in the world is born from goodness. To imagine the individual as someone who walks with the sun at their back, will become individually bankrupt, once someone begins to throw that light at the front. For what a person becomes wise on this Earth, while not treading deep into hardship and pain?

Innocence. That is the goodness. Whatever “genetics” play a part in mental illness, only amount to the word “potential”. Whatever chemicals that are in the brain that can become unbalanced, exist in everyone. It is simply the case that not everyone’s brain becomes as distorted as others. Some learn wisdom so that calmness is their reaction to hardship. Others learn by being hot-headed, impatient, and wrathful enough to destroy whoever wrongs them.

Innocence, the goodness, can also be defined as ignorance. Without maturity, without wisdom, we are like babies, ignorant of everything. If psychopathy is said to be genetic, then it is only when an infant is born to a wretched household, that the infant, through its ignorance, becomes something terrible when it grows. Yet, hope mainly lacks for the psychopath, because their mind has been corrupted beyond the memory of the psychopath. That is, they don’t remember their time as an infant.

For a person to recede back from darkness, they must remember where their light had originated. If one is only in darkness, then they have no shadow. They have nothing to realize is their darkness, besides the darkness they are surrounded by. One should be able to tread into the darkness that is life, be able to see what is around them, because they still possess a light that is behind them.