Philosophy – “Why Having a Choice Relates to a Low Attention Span” – 6/19/2020

In its respect, attention spans rely on what we realize we lack a choice in doing. To care, to be responsible for the pained child of ours, to notice that to love means to lack a choice. When we pay attention, we grant that attention when it is needed most.

To have a choice, means to abandon the duties of one needing to be responsible. Responsibility is granted unto creation. It is also granted unto what one has destroyed, and now one feels guilt for their actions. It is because reason offers a person many choices, while to love offers no choice for the individual. We are freed only of our desire to decide, to contemplate, to philosophize, when we love.

It is simple to understand, that when we see the one we love in pain, we say to ourselves that we possess no choice but to rush to their aid. It is fear that causes the realization of the danger. Though, it is not the fear that motivates us, as much as it is the feeling of love, that drives us on.

Though, when our attention spans have been shortened, it is because we always thought to have a choice. We even thought such decisions, given from our freedoms, to stretch beyond the scope of responsibility and care. We step beyond the realm of families, so that we end up as deadbeats or wretches, who do not care. We end up as Narcissistic individuals, who feel fear when attempting to comprehend another, to love them.

A lack of a long attention span is only ever formed, because of the omission of dutifulness. When we are not dutiful, we believe we are free. Through having numerous choices, we attempt to pay attention to multiple things, rather than paying attention to what is needed most. When we have many choices, we are not given many tasks, though many freedoms, as that is against the need to be responsible. To pay attention to a one, rather than on a multiple, is the same as loving someone. For we do not divide, when we love, as we see those we do love, as loved equally.

To be wholly free, means to be without a need to be responsible. Therefore, to have a low attention span, means we have not paid attention to what matters most, for another’s sake. Because, unlike a child, an adult has responsibilities, for they always pertain to providing for others, or contributing to a social realm.

It is the same when a child has a low attention span, is easily distracted, because their ways in the world co-exist with having no duties, no committed tasks, no responsibilities. A child inherently has a low attention span, because Nature has made them needing care by a mother and a father. Children have nothing to care for, except for the care-free wonders of their youth. Therefore, children have low attention spans.

Love is the emotion that requires an individual to be responsible, to be dutiful, as we lack any choice in what matters, for any matter.

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