Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “The Final Vow” – Romance – 9/18/2019

September 18, 2019

I give thy finger a circle of gold,
Before the altar that releases,
Our ongoing fulfillment,
Of love.
Blessed are thee, when you shiver,
Under a haze of rising stars,
Under a night sky with fevers increasing
In their temperament,
And ongoing fervency.

How you find yourself locked,
In the sky’s open wings,
Crying beneath merciful love.

I find thy beauty entrancing,
Melting away sorrow.

This final vow will be a glimpse to you,
Into a memorable future.

That great circle of gold, that has surrounded a finger’s flesh,
Makes me smile a smile of warmth,
Of temperatures heated,
Like summer at its height.

I am with you, woman to my heart,
That has glistened itself by the sting of pain,
In former lives.
Because you are, as well, with me,
There is no more,
No more pain to share its twilight,
On this ruby stone for an organ,
Falter, as we will, to consume it all.

All of beauty’s auras,
That which you convey,
Will find meaning in that circle of gold,
Of that final vow,
Foiled by nothing,
Only touched,
By the great warmth,
From love’s breath.


Poem – “I Took a Dive into Hell, and Found Love Waiting” – Romance – 9/7/2019

September 7, 2019

Your face,
With idle tulips grown from lips so sweet,
And eyes so resplendent against the moon’s gleam,
I wish to know of your beauty.
Of glassy complexion, and everything wanting,
Of everything wanted, by me.

You have a heart that needs holding,
For it deserves freedom.
There are chains,
Needing to be removed,
A love I have vowed to embrace,
With all my brutal might.

My beauty,
With arms so bared against the cold wind,
And a slender form against the warm flame,
Of my desires and their fanned selves,
Made to stoke, made to raise,
Made to also freeze the world into contentment.

I vow to love, and love forever.
Shall we take on the world, in force?
I will take your hand in blessed marriage,
I have commanded a train of this love,
So that it may take us further,

To a meadow where we’ll lay and kiss.

Beauty deserves a moment of adoration,
And love deserves an eternity of intoxication.

Poetry of Longing – “I Fell upon a Thorn” – Poem #2 – 7/8/2019

July 8, 2019

Unloved and made for pain,
Here is me, made for the world to see,
What is death with a breath?
What is love without the sigh?

With a face once so full of gold,
And no more beauty to behold,
Angel wings burned,
A life upturned,
Like mine,
And I fell upon a thorn.

Sympathy is the reward of the overthrown,
Stepped down to meet a nation of dust.
Empathy is my very foundation,
Where rust and floods are the foundations to my home.
I am made trivial, and swollen,
To the proverbs of a desperate age.

You drive the earth forward
With your gentle push.
You make my lips turn upward,
With your frugal song.
A song of light and plight,
A song that cries to open fields.

I am lifted by love and its grace,
Raised by age and despaired by loss,
What has become of me,
Upon this lonely sea?

Oh, love, without the breath, it is empty.
Without the death, we are empty.
Without the protection, we are frail,
Frail and alone.