Quote – “A Notion about Life and Death” – 6/21/2020

“Comprehend it, as it may seem, that the soul is real. Non-existent, lacking matter, lacking physical structure, and so unlike the form. But, it retains its place in the world. Attempt to resurrect a form as the person with the same personality and memories they were, in life, and it is impossible. Memories are the last visions a person sees, upon the moments of their death. It is because memories are of the soul. Memories make up the experience. Memories make up how a person wakes up, and then, falls asleep, when alive. Without memories, a person is not a person. Without memories, and while a person has been resurrected, they maintain only their physical structure, not their mind. We prove now that love is of the mind, objectively so. It is the head of the family of collective gatherings. Those memories are taken to ‘Heaven’ upon the time of death.

Memories cannot be re-attained upon the point of a person’s resurrection. They have already been transferred to the realm where the dead go, where the soul goes.”

– Anonymous