Philosophy – “If all is Subjective, then Why Take Offense?” – 8/23/2021

“The interpreted insult could come back in being redirected into something different, soon interpreted into a correction made by the insulter.”

– Modern Romanticism

Why take offense at the insult if all is subjective, or if all is relative?

The relativist notion, if to take Einstein’s theory through the metaphorical light, could mean that the largest object (the largest issue) tends for the person with it to “warp” what is around them. In this metaphorical light, this could mean that the larger issue (in reference to the larger object for the force of gravity), brings causation of further dilemmas upon surroundings. Such is the common result of those who have yet to comprehend their own interior space or the recognition for what is indeed objective or non-relative.

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Poem Collection – 1/5 – On “Oh, Purest Love” – Poem Title: – “When We Cross” – Romance

What will you feel
When you no longer conceal
The two moons buried in your eyes,
While you always have cried?
I am two petals in,
Drawn to the stimuli
Of my love.
I am a teardrop gone
To the end of the rope
Where my emotions hang.

I do not value song,
When I can hear yours.
The caress,
The punishment
Of my death on the cross.
I love,
Though I’ll drown in the scarlet
Of your bleeding lips
Upon bloody love.
Will you crown the shore?

Will you sail
With the wails
Of a siren who sits
Upon the rocks?

I crave you,
Lonely thing.
Oh, beautiful woman,
I want you.

We have suffered enough times
To be blinded by darkness,
While our hearts are filled with light.