Philosophy – “If all is Subjective, then Why Take Offense?” – 8/23/2021

“The interpreted insult could come back in being redirected into something different, soon interpreted into a correction made by the insulter.”

– Modern Romanticism

Why take offense at the insult if all is subjective, or if all is relative?

The relativist notion, if to take Einstein’s theory through the metaphorical light, could mean that the largest object (the largest issue) tends for the person with it to “warp” what is around them. In this metaphorical light, this could mean that the larger issue (in reference to the larger object for the force of gravity), brings causation of further dilemmas upon surroundings. Such is the common result of those who have yet to comprehend their own interior space or the recognition for what is indeed objective or non-relative.

If one conforms to the objective realisms of the self, there is no need for the interpretable (warping) of the exterior surroundings from that large dilemma. One could make subjective themselves, of their actual objective interior, to become what “anything” of the subjective or relative realm could represent.

In being subjective, “anything” to the self is the result. If being subjective to the self, a person is relative only to never conform with the objectivism within another.

Would relativist understandings co-exist with the laws of attraction, it would be none to itself when only what is objective can attract others to its same kind.

If to take offense at the insult, in the defense from it being to warp its strike to the objective interior, renders it subjective and relative. Societal surroundings would be, to the greater issue (in reference to the larger object) of the person, everything said to be deconstructed as though structural. It is since accusation has been given against it that it changes the interior self. Though, as objectivist and non-relativist meanings can only be attracted to others of the same kind, the result in this motive to deconstruct is merely to warp or distort external creation. Such external creation had been formed from those who conform to their objective interior, making it, once more, unnecessary to warp their surroundings.

2 thoughts on “Philosophy – “If all is Subjective, then Why Take Offense?” – 8/23/2021”

  1. We all want to be seen and we seek to belong. We put up with insults and many other horrible things for these very reasons. It’s a shame when others (people, companies … governments …) take advantage of that and treat people unfairly. As usual, a great post!

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    1. Yes, people are either seen as tools to bang away at another tool or piece of something material, or we are just seen as people. We are used or we are loved as beautiful creatures who are fragile and cannot hold everything within.

      A tool can be thrown away, though a past cannot.

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