Poem – “Pick up this Smile” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

Pick up the line you drew
Within the cold places you knew.
With drunken laughter
To caress a serene bottle,
Whimpering in its reflection,
Breaking open more of your eyes.

Before you would know
What vein to swim through,
Love taught you mere mystery
As the harlot of no symmetry.

Peel back your layers.
You are more than what weathers –

Weeping in the glimmers
With a form that quivers
To the false touch
From a bottle, for your denial.
To cross your own edge
Will leave you without pledge.

Awake the sunlight
From your heart, in the night.
If you wait until the sender –

Chooses for neither
Happiness nor sorrow,
You will bleed into tomorrow.
Visit the trail
You did begin.
Save Heaven for a believer.

Philosophy – “Empowerment is the Path to Addiction” – 12/11/2020

“External reliance motivates a person to see the beyond. Does anyone question if ‘the beyond’ resides beyond human capability? It is ‘the beyond’ to stare into a direction from where one currently stands. To advance, to the average person, would mean to achieve. Though, does this contradict the knowledge of a person, to how they should limit themselves?”

– Modern Romanticism

Capability makes a person efficient, in where their current skills dwell. If their desire is to advance, then they’d not stare very much ahead, at quite a length in direction, if they intend to do this in rapid succession of so-called improvements. When one has a voice, has an idea spoken from their lips, it can be randomized in whatever direction it takes. Chaos spews, just as a tree grows endless twigs. When one never looks over their shoulder, to remember their painful beginning, they become lost in their own arrangements.

The beginning of a person is how one was most tried. To remember those trials, those tests, makes one automatically grateful to where one stands, at the current level. To each step, is where any person can become evermore grateful when looking over their shoulder to review the previous one. Life does not guarantee satisfaction, unless when one stops to do this.

If empowerment is less of internal reliance, though more of an endless path towards needed or unneeded progression, then it becomes an addiction of pursuits. One’s madness becomes acute, upon when gratitude can never come into their own picture. One’s madness, or one’s own personal dissatisfaction, cannot ever be personally accepted, for no person ever develops, or advances, without trust in right areas. Those “right areas” can only be described as placing trust in what will never simply be in one’s life for the short-term. For we do not treat people like addictions, nor distractions, if we do hold them in a genuine heart.

Short-term effects take a person nowhere, unless to remind one of something they lack, being of what could last. Addiction is that, being of something short-lived, never to be held in one’s memory for eternity. Even of the person who remembers their “best meal”, would only do so because of how it was made, not because of how it fueled them. They remember the ingredients, the toppings, and of all details to that arrangement. Was one grateful, to that? They were so, by how it was made by whatever skills the careful cook took to make it. One can get lost in remembrances, becoming lost to the current time, as well as to be lost in the current time, when never remembering neither pleasures nor the pains of the past. Gratitude comes when we can express it either for what protects us, in the now, or what pushed us forward, in the past.

To be empowered, would mean to find comfort in short-term effects. It’s the same as being uncertain for when one’s phone will die. It means to be caught in the effects of one’s own fears, remaining frozen without ever truly advancing. It is because to “truly advance” would mean to place trust in long-term effects, as was already mentioned. Just as life, we are like the cellphone, put on a supply of battery, before we run out and stop functioning.

The question becomes, does a person accept belonging to the current, forever unknown of the future, because they never plan? Or, does a person plan ahead, because they wish to retain control over their own lives? It becomes the matter of what a phone becomes, if it could control itself, beyond the touch of human hands, of external reliance.

Advice from a Writer – “Write the Pain!” – 4/13/2020

Pain is the wellspring of all things creative. When it comes to writing, we create lists. We can jot down what troubles us, what moves us into tears that fall into hands. Why not throw those tears down onto the page, in the most metaphorical sense?

What is the alternative to not writing the pain? Keeping it in? What goes in, must come out, right? Life is too short to hold onto a poison, like pain. It must drip like milking the venom from a snake, onto the page, so that the words can be soaked with such.

Love is painful, for one. Sorrow is the pain we find within love. It is because love is painful, that the bandage can sting far worse than the wound. Though, it still heals. Are we that willing to bury the pain, afraid that unleashing it may hurt? It should be known that life is far more painful, on the lonely journey of it, than love. It is not, in fact, that love is more painful, though is that we believe it to be, because we tend to take comfort in our own shadows.

And the pain that one keeps moving through words, is always the pain of experience. Love always has to do with it, because it is the connection lost, that creates the pain. When do we realize the worth of something? It is when we’ve lost it.

Stuff the pain into the page, so you can stuff the pages into a book. Should a person find your work to fascinate them, they will hold it in attentiveness, and their patience will match what it took to create it.

Pain takes work to work through, to make the work. It will be the work where others will discover their clarity. It will be the work where others will share a connection of pain with you, and the healing can begin.