Poem – “Pick up this Smile” – Love Poetry – 6/19/2021

Pick up the line you drew
Within the cold places you knew.
With drunken laughter
To caress a serene bottle,
Whimpering in its reflection,
Breaking open more of your eyes.

Before you would know
What vein to swim through,
Love taught you mere mystery
As the harlot of no symmetry.

Peel back your layers.
You are more than what weathers –

Weeping in the glimmers
With a form that quivers
To the false touch
From a bottle, for your denial.
To cross your own edge
Will leave you without pledge.

Awake the sunlight
From your heart, in the night.
If you wait until the sender –

Chooses for neither
Happiness nor sorrow,
You will bleed into tomorrow.
Visit the trail
You did begin.
Save Heaven for a believer.

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