Poem – “The Redhead with the Glass of Red” – Romance – 10/14/2019

Before me, you sit with a sorry stare at a rim
To a glass made of the fibers of sand,
Love is a breath in the air for our breath,
As sweet as the redness in your hair
And as bitter as the very sight of death,
As the very sight of what sticks out in your mind.

A face with eyes engraved,
And hair that blossoms like thorns to roses.
Of those eyes that are either emerald or sapphire,
Alike the Earth or the sky,
Though, I am unable to tell.
Beauty fell upon me like those tides above,
And I was on the cross,
Dying for my own sins.
Your marble face and hair of fire,
Gleaming with random tresses,
Upon your breast,
Folding upon your shoulders.

Love has made us famous,
While our hearts make furious rhythms,
In the dead of this night.
We sit here, to stare at the curves of a glass,
Love is revealed at our left hand,
As hope is in our right.

We’ll deny ourselves as long as we can,
Or death will cast its own ring from shadows,
To place itself upon your fine, marble hand.

Face me, beautiful one,
You are as lovely as the awoken morn,
With hair as red as the liquid that stains your heart,
Upon each repeated sip,
As red as the rays cast away from the sun,
To the meadows of Heaven.

Poem – “One Idle Glance” – Romance – 10/13/2019

I crawl atop,
And I falter beneath,
The swimming tears in eyes of emerald,
Your face is the picture of immaculacy,
In this dreaded room.
Come kiss me, beloved,
With all your majestic might,
This future has never been doomed,
Because, as I see above,
I see also the night.

I see the stars and their infinity,
The light that beams upon the back of your scalp,
Is mine for consumption,
As you say,
“Let us pray to a love made of fire,
Forged in our awakening to its light.”
Of night that grants us power of might,
There is to our passion,
The fires that caress, and cleanse the fright.

Your nakedness is a grail of wine,
Sweet with taste, as all is mine,
Bitter in the taste of Autumnal frost,
And sweet in the taste of November showers,
Of sweetest tears, and bitter blood,
You are beautiful, dear one,
I hold you in greatest esteem.

The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “Lay with Me” – Romance – 10/13/2019

Lay with me, as the world sunders itself,
Go beyond with me, to the lines that seem themselves
To surrender, and surrender more
To the tragedies and comedies of love.
We are, in arms, crying and laughing, beautiful as one,
In our eyes, we hold sweet nectar,
And also,
Bitterness to the wetness
That smear across cheeks made of powder, porcelain, and ice.
We are only beautiful, when we are raised.

So, we rise,
And surmise, nothing,
We falsify nothing
To the sound of fluttering heartbeats,
And the light tap, of kisses.
Only ever does truth come forth,
From hearts so deep and transparent
In the infinite youth of summertime,
Bodies that are milk-white or dowsed in ebony.
Oh, love! Has it made its way,
To the places so full of dismay?
My love and myself, so strong in our song.

So weak,
As well,
In the permanence,
Of what swells,
In hearts so cold,
And so old,
A warmth, a comfort,
For faces to feel its searing touch,
From fingers that have been dipped
Into the blood of the birth
Of love.

Love is a triumph,
In all times of discomfort.
It embraces,
As it faces,
The facades to pull them off,
And reveal an image of tears.

Poem – “Where is Love?” – Romance – 10/11/2019

There is love in the air,
And not much to share.
There is love in the air,
And not much to wear.
There is hatred upon our lips,
And too much to bear.
There is hatred upon your lids,
Drawn down like curtains,
Bruised into black and blue,
Like nude drapery with tears
Upon the fabric.

Upon the arms, once meant to caress,
The woes from a pained child.
Death is now our solace,
As the moon is now our eye,
And love is no more,
Along with the sun, now our scorn.

I create a trail of serpentine gait,
With farewell to a woman,
Who bleeds her own trail,
Full of rose petals.

The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “I Long, and simply Long” – Romance – 10/11/2019

I long, and simply long,
For scent of longest hair, and eyes of furthest stare,
We are but two forms upon this Earth,
With steps so shallow in the mud,
And faces so tranquil,
As though starving buds, with quivering temples,
And blasted bodies,
By the wind and sand.

I am in love, and have remained in love,
With distortion to my eager form.

And, I see yours,
Where pleasure implores,
The widest sweeps,
Upon currents next to shores.

I desire all,
From thy Heavenly form.
I know that God,
Had made artisans of truest intent,
And truest skill,
To sculpt what I see,
In pure and utter beauty.

A face so full of life,
With lashes broken like bent needles,
And eyes that swell tears to their surface,
Alike the geysers of the Western States.
And with two cheeks that beg for kisses,
Against each… I do, with all for you,
And for the future, and for eternity,
That I will nestle my fears into thee,
So that you may cradle them,
Like crying children.

I simply do not want to die,
Before I come upon you, frozen,
Before I had said my goodbye,
Allow me to go,
Before you do go,
As I will vanish,
With heartbeat so slow.

Poem – “A Note Embedded in Flame” – Romance – 10/9/2019

All beauty has creases,
Like the notes embedded in flame.
Searing to touch,
Alike flesh raised hot from a wilted quilt.
Alike the composer who espies arrogance,
More from audience,
Than from his eyes.

A beauty raised,
A song praised.
A love most wanted beneath sheets of flame,
Notes of sighs,
Words of moments,
And never goodbyes.

Love is a kind messenger,
With flame for its movement.

A bottle, the man,
The wine, the woman.
Hardness moves at nothing,
Save for the purpose a man knows,
To hold emptiness at its end,
And knows the love,
To be infinite in drunkenness.

Drunk upon pain,
Drunk upon love,
I am at peace,
Among the plains,
Among the doves,
Among the crease.

Poem – “Tears Like Petals Against Her Cheeks” – Romance – 10/9/2019

Come with folded wings,
Never releasing a hold,
Upon one memory
Caught beneath your feet, and your talons.
For you are a bird of prey
With wings both clipped by me.

Your tears are like petals against your cheeks,
Your tragedy is a place to put upon pages
So blank like the love stripped
From your now-hardened heart.

I have only one care,
To see your head raised,
With the force of resolve,
Upon starlight,
Upon a moon,
And show those revealed emotions to open air.

Poem – “Natural and Silent” – Romance – 10/9/2019

These formed words are natural and silent,
Words of the devotion I have found
Necessary to commit,
Upon herself, the nude blessing in flesh and white.
Her eyes show Heaven,
While her heart once showed Hell.
Here, my doubt swims like the flames beneath me,
As I undress her to the surest sign,
Of my loving fingers against warmth.

There is space between them,
These fingers
Of so many places they’ve been sent,
To rise blood to nostrils,
To raise scents as old as slaughter,
As love forgives us both
By the misery we’ve both shared.
There are homes and hearts as old as life,
With chambers of continued groans to pain they’ve bared.

Upon walls, with eyes in portraits,
Staring upon inhabitants,
I lean to kiss your scarlet lips,
In the dim haze of an eternal twilight,
There, your arms dance with fevers awoken,
And fragrance now rises to meet my senses.
Dread and despair, a cloak to wear.
Your face holds a truth, made to share,
With only the most buried tears,
To be unearthed, like memories and fears.

There is nudity in your smile,
Though, upon the altar,
Where marriage makes black turn upon white,
And stars to turn upon the universe,
There is the promise
For a world to travel,
And unknowns to unravel.
Love quakes at nothing,
But the ending of all light,
That is the ending of all love.

We are mere humans with arrogance to state,
That love will vanish, in remnants of hate.

Poetry – “Breasts of Porcelain, and Lips of Granite” – Romance – 10/7/2019

Make a smile, for a token, to see love eternal,
Our moment cannot be stale,

In the haze of fear, without a paradise to conquer,
Without a home that we cannot see
Itself to age, alike to us, and we’ll not remain young.
No love, not even the right sort,
Has ever conquered time,
I will see beauty perish, and see your hair turn to ashes.
I will see this home rot, when either you or I
Leave this wretched Earth.

We are, within arms, for but a moment,
To next peer,

Around us,
And find age to our skin, age to our home,
Age to our hearts, and age to our minds.
I am in love, not for the moment,
But for the future,
Your breasts made of porcelain,
And lips made of granite,
You taste the ash that nestles against your mouth.

There is charm to each spread of that filth,
It is knowledge kept to be a burden,

The knowing of an ultimate surrender,
To the horrors of time.

I see the mirror; I see myself, I see you,
I see all the capturing to my spirit,
I see love Devilish, and hatred non-existent,
I see beauty as the man-made current of fortune.

Breasts of porcelain, and lips of granite,
There are futures to marry, and pasts to slay,

There are desires to keep,
And flesh to betray.

I make beauty bold,
Never to be aroused from the cold.

Poem – “Fond of Love, Used to Death” – Romance – 10/1/2019

Beckon to me, slowly,
And captivate me, with your childish breath,
Listen to my tale in trembling sorrow,
Slow melodies come as transparent.
You have beauty glistening as the morning calls,
Each deepening farewell,
To the saddest song around,
To the most miserable of notes,
Each played upon an eroded harp.

There is Heaven in your eyes,
And bliss in your soul.
There is strangeness that captivates every yearning,
As the strings from this harp seems to strangle
My potent breath
That brings bitterness to your mind.

Come kiss the night into day,
And make a song from your sigh.
There is twilight around,
And beauty beneath
The most fragrant of soil,
To cling upon your fingertips.

With arms like carved porcelain,
And lips like fine ruby,
I am deep in this eternity,
To see you raised from stillness,
And beckon to me, slowly,
With a face so full of rays.

Poem – “A Sharing of Neglected Kisses” – Romance – 9/29/2019

Beyond the time to which
We’ve found it needed to feel
I seem bold enough to love you,
In all that has come upon you.
There are tragedies so uncertain,
And fates so entwined,
That I feel a simple need, or simple pleasure,
In kissing you, with all kisses never offered.

What has fate in store us,
In the times we’ve respected our faces,
For the comfort it may throw upon
Our defeated shoulders?
I ask, once more,
In spite of my mind in this torture,
“What has fate in store for us,
Beneath a moon that shows only coldness?”

There are visions of our death,
Great marks of scars that will not heal,
Not by ointment, nor by remedy
Of potion that spills a fluid.
All the cure,
Is one heated kiss,
In the great banquet of true and actual
Safety, in the arms of the other.

You have cheeks so full of red,
And eyes so full of dread,
I am here to mark you with a feebleness,

So that you may drop your guard,
One final time.
I will kiss you until tears come swimming,
Though, in the happiness of a coming morning,
When sweet dew will replace so much bitterness.

Poem – “Your Savage Glare” – Romance – 9/28/2019

Too many damnable kisses,
Brought thorns to make me bleed,
And the face that holds a rose,
Between two lips colored by cherry.
A sweetness mingles over your form,
And all I feel is the seduction.

I dart with disarray against your eyes,
Those that show glare against mine,
Great beauty of feminine doom,
Show me your way of a common demise,
Rotted are you, in these arms of dust,
Once we were, by the altar of marriage.

You blew a kiss in my direction,
A farewell or a guarantee,
As Christ knew who to cherish and who to despise,
A lonesome shape he became,
Under the fashion of weathered clouds,
You are a woman of newest hurricanes.

A woman of storms so fierce,
And so great, against my lashed back.
I am, or was, a savior to a cause,
To make you see a lust that pierces a night’s aura,
Of candlelight and music played,
Upon a highlighted gramophone.

A savage glare is all I notice,
Under a mind, not of my kind,
And above a nose,
With beauty that surely grows.
I am alive,
Though, nothing has been made mine.

Face the dark, with yourself against me,
Squeeze the moon, to shed drops of truest gloom.
Find your smile, and nothing to remind me,
Of the pain that had been there to see.