Small Achievement – “924 Poems written on Modern Romanticism” – 7/6/2020

Since May 6th, 2019, I have begun writing an almost endless stream of poetry on this blog. I have now compiled 924 poems, not including the 164 drafts to poetry I didn’t finish.

Minus the 54 poems that I am having published through a local publishing house, I have 870 poems that will still need to be published. Unless readers want to dig through exactly 14 months worth of writing on my blog, I am planning to get this work on the physical page. 🙂

So… if I can publish some 75 poems per future collection, I will have amounted 12 poetry books, in total.

That’s quite an accomplishment, I suppose. The sadness and depression I’ve been dealing with for about 7 months, now, has made me not see this work I’ve done with full inward appreciation. I hope to get past that, so I can see the future with more brightness. 😀

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