Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Poem – “A Serpent’s Marriage” – Romance – 11/9/2019

November 9, 2019

All of my pain
Goes into this kill,
This one kiss upon the terrible form
That sought me to be still
That sought me out,
To be heavy with the weight of loss,
For you were there,
Until you were not.

Your absence might appear kind,
It is unlike the place I will find
Yourself, among the dust of a ruined city.
Might it be one that you collapsed,
Might it be one where we embraced,
Might it be one where we entrusted,
Fate, to see us laced,
In the twine of love.

And I will come with a dagger weighing
In the hand of a man’s temperament,
In the hand of authority.

There is nothing to die for,
And nothing to live for,
For such, I will drag you back to see

The real terror.


Poem – “Why do I feel Pain?” – Romance – 11/9/2019

November 9, 2019

Why do I feel pain,
When I am meant to feel love,
When I am meant to feel strong?
It is like the sun in my chest,
Creating my weakness,
Creating my heart,
Creating the start,
To a long road, ahead.

Why don’t I feel strong,
And all I feel is pain?
It is a weakness, a sickness, a knowing
To know what isn’t meant to be known,
A longing to know,
What is never meant to be known.
A fear in the future,
So unlike reality.
And beauty stares at me with a cross upon her heart,
I share an arrow to rip through it.

Love is hot, and cold,
It is the mixture of expectation,
And the unexpected.
The coincidental and the ironic,
Put together,
In heartstrings like tendrils
Of embedded flame.
I am annoyed with myself.

The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “Her Attitude & Posture” – Romance – 11/8/2019

November 8, 2019

Raise a smile,
Why don’t thee,
And show me, so that I may see,
Your happiness and tranquility.
Though, a character as yours,
One that fully endures,
My entertaining of a bit of difference,
A side to me, deserving restraint,
Deserving compliance with sense.

I do not deserve to see you any different,
Than to have the character of one woman,
Whose attitude and posture are so alike,
So alike, a one woman of cuss and swear
So alike, one woman of hurt.

A past brittle in the aspect of pain,
And you maintain the gesture,
To do away with family and members
Of all closeness,
Of no wickedness.
Oh, beauty. With your smile that never shows,
I am to accept you, little one,
Is that not what love does?

I do deserve you,
The handsomest of creatures,
The most beautiful of women,
Hair alike the dead leaves of Autumn,
And lips alike pink quartz,
Adorable in attitude and posture,
Wicked in remarks I’ll never call away.
And favorable in places of all dismay.

For you are alike the world when it ends,
Though, your attitude and posture,
Will be truest when all make amends.

The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “Upon the Day you Arrive” – Romance – 11/6/2019

November 6, 2019

Upon the day when you arrive,
Adorned in something fragrant,
Dressed in something treasured,
It could be only love between, the threads of a garment,
The threads of a worn heart, of a torn heart,
That I’ve promised to mend,
So much alike the garments, I’d do away with,
So much alike the pain, I’d do away with.

Upon the day when you will climb
The reaches of our love,
I will be there to support
Your golden legs and the very home of heart
We’ve sworn to protect,
We’ve sworn to defend,
Beloved, allow my kisses to be swallowed whole,
Among all the beauty that’d never cease to be.

Face me, and I’ll treasure you,
Upon when you complete your climb.
Know that I’ve kept you strong,
As you’ve done the same.
I’ve nested a single seed,
In a small heart,
Where so much hurt has taken place,
And I will raise you, to even newer heights.

Upon the day when you arrive,
I’ll always be the man to see you survive.