The Tena Poems – Truest Love – “Her Attitude & Posture” – Romance – 11/8/2019

Raise a smile,
Why don’t thee,
And show me, so that I may see,
Your happiness and tranquility.
Though, a character as yours,
One that fully endures,
My entertaining of a bit of difference,
A side to me, deserving restraint,
Deserving compliance with sense.

I do not deserve to see you any different,
Than to have the character of one woman,
Whose attitude and posture are so alike,
So alike, a one woman of cuss and swear
So alike, one woman of hurt.

A past brittle in the aspect of pain,
And you maintain the gesture,
To do away with family and members
Of all closeness,
Of no wickedness.
Oh, beauty. With your smile that never shows,
I am to accept you, little one,
Is that not what love does?

I do deserve you,
The handsomest of creatures,
The most beautiful of women,
Hair alike the dead leaves of Autumn,
And lips alike pink quartz,
Adorable in attitude and posture,
Wicked in remarks I’ll never call away.
And favorable in places of all dismay.

For you are alike the world when it ends,
Though, your attitude and posture,
Will be truest when all make amends.

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