Poem – “A Hand that Never Held” – Grief Poetry – 7/30/2022

She swayed. Strayingfar from bleeding groundswhere hearts lay wasted.She spoke of moons, she wrotethose words on starved sand.She blessed a nameless rosethat grew like a sunrise,only to sink like a sunset. What matters to our eyeswhen all that has been filledare these oceans? What can keepliving on, among exhaled clouds,besides what keeps pouring? Those sounds.… Continue reading Poem – “A Hand that Never Held” – Grief Poetry – 7/30/2022

Poem – “Soundless Storms” – Loneliness Poetry – 7/29/2022

Someone showed mea door with no keyable to open me, for apath down to rediscovery.A waiting game, a callingforward, though no stepsare moving onebroken set of arms,a burning torso. Answers on silver,moldable to be somethingelse, other than whatmight be preventable. Words that driftas placeless sentences. Eyes that findlight, smoldering toan engulfing brink. I could be… Continue reading Poem – “Soundless Storms” – Loneliness Poetry – 7/29/2022

Poem – “Eyes that Blind” – Love Poetry – 7/29/2022

In our silence,we fall to bleeding knees,we collect our shardswhere our hearts had spreadits solemn flames.Taking music into sunsetsto rediscover when lastwe met. Those fanning eyeswill grow light that blinds. To sickness, to us, a witnesswhile we bend low. We findthat God had sent usbeneath, to submit insidewhere lost heartscan be reminded. Inside those frozen… Continue reading Poem – “Eyes that Blind” – Love Poetry – 7/29/2022

Poem – “When Floods Gather” – Grief Poetry – 7/29/2022

Turn your damaged face,deserted, from all that tracedyou, under those cloudswhere your weather collected.If I can bring youback, from Heaven's gate,there will be more to embrace,if you tell those tears to wait. One wound that keeps soundingtunes, from saddest stories.This grief that keeps spillingsoundless, shelling reverbs,while curtained under our scars,hidden beneath where death startsthat familiar… Continue reading Poem – “When Floods Gather” – Grief Poetry – 7/29/2022

Poem – “After you Turn Around” – Love Poetry – 7/26/2022

See me. See safety.See these wings thatnever will give forth less,when presenting a caressupon your longest hurt.You bend forth,sifting ash, where memorieswere scattered fromdiscarded photographs. Are you afraid of storms,when always welcoming them?Something thundersinside your deepest arms.Teardrops fall, towards lakesalways bare for yourfrozen, trembling body. Will you come backto see what never died,as all it… Continue reading Poem – “After you Turn Around” – Love Poetry – 7/26/2022

Poem – “This Mask for me” – Loneliness Poetry – 7/26/2022

Something had toldme, to never pushyou against your scars,against those cliffs,where you keep yourselfseated, while weepingwaterfalls in a drought. I never told myselfto not force you to bleed.I kept you open,hoping that I would closewith darkness overthese eyes that burn. Delusional. Inside asentence, that promisessome other pagein a book with vast hopes,with long tunnelstowards another… Continue reading Poem – “This Mask for me” – Loneliness Poetry – 7/26/2022

Poem – “In Light of a Sunset” – Grief Poetry – 7/26/2022

If all, might have beenafter that emptiness,of mourning. If two eyeshad seen, that sapphire,those dimming skies, becomingbright, in an aftermathfor one pleasant morning.If one heart, had feltits bathing veins, in a puddle,to drench itself, in whatour fears, never muddled. I have locked, onto you.Missiles, cruising over blanketingseas. I still live, in these currents,as I hold,… Continue reading Poem – “In Light of a Sunset” – Grief Poetry – 7/26/2022

Poem – “Where you Faded” – Grief Poetry – 7/25/2022

I count you,leaving as dust,smoldering over, in red,upon lips, decoratedwith rust. I am shelteredin surrounding fog.Blanketing memories, everkeeping me nearto surrender. When Ipray to those clouds,I still find everything thereto be collected inshivering hands. Those moments I come outto see a sun being liftedfrom somewhere distant,I begin to feel an ocean,before my dive,I feel where… Continue reading Poem – “Where you Faded” – Grief Poetry – 7/25/2022

Poem – “Are you Letting Go?” – Love Poetry – 7/23/2022

Tongue-tied. We were oncebound by truth.Held down with rings,within no fairytale. We roared with those firesthat fell to our eyes. Blinded,under surges, with urges,inside summer's sting. Starved flesh, made to bringblackest guilt, uponimmaculate shoulders. While you areletting go, pale skin nolonger looks sick,to you. Once, blinded,in light, in dark, beingreminded of somethingwe both forgot.When you… Continue reading Poem – “Are you Letting Go?” – Love Poetry – 7/23/2022

Poem – “Pressure this Blood-flow” – Love Poetry – 7/22/2022

Piles ofshelter, your limbs,your creases,within releases,while life depletesin this mirror. Fell your tears,walking north. Kissthis sadness, into blue,aching in starvation.Your resignationto die, before a river,as you will letrapids come close,after flesh opens. Wait for nightto designateour time-zones tobe similar, to befamiliar. Where haveall our oceans left? Pressure me, while youlive to misunderstand me.Do not ever… Continue reading Poem – “Pressure this Blood-flow” – Love Poetry – 7/22/2022

Poem – “Inside the Scar” – Grief Poetry – 7/22/2022

Whatever hiding spot. Meethere. We wander on hot pebbles,living inside fissures. These roads, where all oursuns come down. Those valleyswhere all our growthfell low. We copy our youthbackwards, on a long walkback to yearning. Each inescapable sunrise,all daylight we shun,while words can run onas prayers for a grave. Late to beattacked for belief.We are closed… Continue reading Poem – “Inside the Scar” – Grief Poetry – 7/22/2022

Poem – “A Range of Motions” – Love Poetry – 7/22/2022

Ignite. Bright lightcarries debris past thispast. One awakeningsun can tear our shelterdown, these walls toshake under a range offorgotten emotions. You live near me.You age, while decayingnext to me. You wereburied with another heart,that stopped moving.When we touch,explore a world thatcarries no crutch. One last letterburned into a letter,detailing our history. One more teardropto describe… Continue reading Poem – “A Range of Motions” – Love Poetry – 7/22/2022