Poem – “A Heart made of Glass” – Love Poetry – 8/12/2022

I choose toconceal us, behindcurtains, mirrors,letting shards dig inwhere wounds were oncerevealed, in those fires. Smoke grows,blanketing us ina certain degree ofdarkness. When yourlips were fruit, I chose totake you down from a tree,to drink from you,my closest naivety. I choose tobury us, beneath fog.Under crimson daylight,where red lips weretorches, blood of smearsin a nighttime… Continue reading Poem – “A Heart made of Glass” – Love Poetry – 8/12/2022

Poem – “Stranded Pair of Eyes” – Grief Poetry – 8/10/2022

Nose to skies.What comes down, first,to hold your discarded hand?You have sunk your soul,feet first into crude terrain,driving your windswith music, with rain. Those who have failedto gather you, to rememberyour face under a sunthat dimmed enough forstorms to come, have neverbeen haunted at whereyou were severed. Red-circled eyes. A strandedblossom, left in a burned-out… Continue reading Poem – “Stranded Pair of Eyes” – Grief Poetry – 8/10/2022

Poem – “Tighter than Rope” – Love Poetry – 8/10/2022

Strain, our waytowards those bottomlesscliffs. We have held ontotears, meant to fall,have told our hearts toremain unsealed,upon that call. A few grains stuffed awayto discover new days,countless as all others.We continue to fade.Our shadows scream fromwarmth, withineach other's arms. Blank pages.Torment that always stirsin those tides being blurred,grayed, into morningovercast. Will weforever recall what wenever… Continue reading Poem – “Tighter than Rope” – Love Poetry – 8/10/2022

Poem – “Forever Unsealed” – Love Poetry – 8/10/2022

Sometimes, to hope forsomething small.A word, a taste from rain,whether bitter or sweetto contrast this deafened statewhere thunder cannot be heard,where heartbeats cannot be felt,when sleeping underseeping downpours. I once connected youto these white sands, countlesswhen attempted to begathered, for security. To wrap you in arms,before you slip betweenthese cracks in me, these fracturesthat keep… Continue reading Poem – “Forever Unsealed” – Love Poetry – 8/10/2022

Poem – “Sounds we Mute” – Grief Poetry – 8/10/2022

Clashes to solve,with more to dissolveunder swirling tides,where bodies were formlessbeneath bottomless cloudsdrifting in our heads,connecting muted soundsthat we eclipse. Thunder races. Lines aretraced where wecan see. Our oceans cross,like tears that burn overpallid cheeks. Contours aredrawn around our bodies,formless, while dancingat an ocean's floor. Above, those waves areflaming where we hadtold farewells. One little… Continue reading Poem – “Sounds we Mute” – Grief Poetry – 8/10/2022

Poem – “Listen to Words” – Love Poetry – 8/9/2022

These soundswill hurt. Betweenpauses, I still rushto recede you backto me. If I do not pull,you will push. You willforce me to turn aroundto see a shadow. If words hurt,verse will burnholes, in yoursenseless heart. Leak your eyes,echo those criesto deafen this worldinto another silence. Something keepsreturning to keepyour eyes settled for sleep,dreaming while you… Continue reading Poem – “Listen to Words” – Love Poetry – 8/9/2022

Poem – “The Scent without Taste” – Grief Poetry – 8/9/2022

Stretch acrossthat long overdueplace, that youoversaw. Dreams wererough, among clouds,hopeful among thunder.Nothing became life,within that blunder. Someone else told youthat life cannot worsen,when hurts are past,like shadows cast. No kiss everreturned, from bliss,from stings of concern. Where you turnedlike leaves blowing east,I kept to my knees. I kept finding fruitin those shadows, formedfrom your tears.… Continue reading Poem – “The Scent without Taste” – Grief Poetry – 8/9/2022

Poem – “An Ocean’s Words” – Grief Poetry – 8/9/2022

If Autumn lifts itsleaves, back to tremblingboughs. When all thatfell, comes back to haunta deserted mother,we will see our tears returnup from its surrender,with words to rememberwithout fog aboveour vast ocean. Love makes musicin grief, without sightupon reunion. What drownsbecome glimmers amongthose waves, gone downin their crash to lashthose backs, where morewords are written. Scars… Continue reading Poem – “An Ocean’s Words” – Grief Poetry – 8/9/2022

Poem – “Last of your Kind” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

I cannot care enoughto live, if I cannotremember enoughto love. All those linesdrawn for winter's arrivalof gray. Though, you keepblooming, while heartsare buried deep. With this sadness,comes madness, out ofsome former symptomof gladness. All those tearsthat fell, together.All those downpoursthat kept our hopesonly floating. What travels, if notmeaning to stop? What stops,if not meaning to… Continue reading Poem – “Last of your Kind” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

Poem – “Following Lane” – Love Poetry – 8/7/2022

Stirring glance,a summer's dancewhere blushing storiesare told, underforgotten worries. I will renouncea scene for remorse.I will resoundthose etched, scrawled vows,renewing what cannotleave, from where itever stopped. Caught tears,in a puddle for collection.Cards laid downto gamble, one final time,on a heart thatforever chimes. Wiped smearson cheeks meant to glow. I come to hearyour grief, where it… Continue reading Poem – “Following Lane” – Love Poetry – 8/7/2022

Poem – “Are we Smoke?” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

In each other's eyes,for each other's cries,within each other's sighsdisappearing intoafternoon storms.Drifting above,falling below.Winter has ever beenthat glacier moving slow. An inborn slipto one lying tongue,as I had to consolethat one who took a tollto breathe, before she soldher heart, froma hundred folds, in onebook of promises. One hundred pauses,one more break to seewhat refuses… Continue reading Poem – “Are we Smoke?” – Grief Poetry – 8/7/2022

“Departure of Birds” – 10-stanza Free Verse Poem – 8.6.2022

If heavens held,in supported wings,for passion's melt.If eyes were skyward,words were forward,sentences were clearwithout storms. I had taken to you,before rocks had fallen.Ice, with heartsthat sunk with ships.A love, gone overboard,burying our skies,thumping to a faint rhythm,thundering with a distant soundwhere our storm moves onwith its gathered gray. Speaking in a sequence,trembling before those coldwindows,… Continue reading “Departure of Birds” – 10-stanza Free Verse Poem – 8.6.2022