Modern Romanticism

The aspect of romance, divided between the heartening and the thoughtful.

Words of Wisdom – “The Result of Power” – 8/9/2019

August 9, 2019

“The flow of humanity takes itself wherever power and dominance leads it. Why call power a wrong? It should be named an inevitability. To say it must be erased, altogether, is to accept denial as one’s own power. To keep a population in denial, makes the population powerless. To accept personal irresponsibility as a good token, makes one as well, powerless. Responsibility is the tool of the leader. Although, his hands can only extend so far, and for such power, he needs his limits. What is the result of power? It is definitely not stagnation. In terms of ‘development’, power does not simply stand still. It moves and guides a population wherever a leader points his finger. It throws soldiers into battles and sends a mother’s or wife’s tears to the soil of a grave. These are all inevitable. And what is the use of power? As power moves, it also grows. As power does not stand still, it directs and most of all, it is used against, to divide and to conquer. For once more, this is all inevitable and very human.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Memory of a Woman” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“Let it be understood by all men, that a woman’s memory reaches as far back as the bloodline she’s created. No forty years, no thirty years, no twenty, no ten, may at all form an objection. The bloodline is advantageous by powerful motives, that hearken to purity. Those who stand by the bloodline to make the powerful empire, fit with the Monarch who is only a clone of previous ones, will find the womb of a woman to be the image of their creation. Subtlety, especially the kind utilized within today’s time, makes the womb’s creations not ever forceful, but subliminal in the way of creating an empire from the woman’s womb, and she’ll never see it as rape. She’ll never see the virginity stolen, though her mind and its doorways to memory has been prodded. Her womb used, and her body marked, by the corruption of political power to come, and its love made silent. Admiration is foregone, and to the so-called ‘object’, we no longer have the poetry of that admiration for Woman as an art. Love creates captivation in a viewing of completion. In that empire to be created, in that subtlety, and when a woman finds the taste of power to be slick alike to her newly-formed serpent tongue, she’ll not let go. When she once pleaded to a lover to never let her go; she now lets not go of the power she’s embraced. What of power? Corruption. What of love? Dominated by respect, challenged by respect, maintained by authority, and demanded attention by work. Memory! With its doorways and windows, and all openings; she, the woman of time, remembers all tragedy of all bruises upon her form. Love is a memory. Corruption utilizes the woman to become a shell. Death submits to her. Love is never forgotten by her.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Truth upon the Lie; and the Lie Upon the Truth” – 7/20/2019

July 20, 2019

“All truth cleanses, though is rarely embraced. When it is embraced, it creates no complexity as would the lie. When truth is embraced, it creates simplicity, born from realization. When a lie is embraced, it creates the intricate weaving within the heart, of all branching veins, and many paths. Confusion surmounts from the lie, as does unlimited question. Reason is the governor to the lie, while faith is the governor to the answer. The truth, when buried and deemed to be ‘obsolete’ only recedes beneath the soil, and awaits the next species to undertake answer, over endless question. It is because the answer is never complex. It is an end result. It is the path where content should be met, and kissed upon her cheek, and embraced around her waist.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Factor of Empowerment” – 7/2/2019

July 2, 2019

“We must divide the difference between the word called ‘right’ and the word called ‘power’, because there is a difference. Having the right, makes the right a temporary privilege, and is something to protect. However, having the power, makes one arrogant in believing that something that could disappear tomorrow, will never leave. In such a latter case, and in such a belief, there is infinite vulnerability, and such methods of those people are bound to collapse. In the former case, there is unlimited strength, due to the fact that such fragile things will be protected by arms that do not waver, because they have treated their beliefs as life, itself.”

Words of Wisdom – “Control is not Necessarily the Enslavement” – 6/29/2019

June 29, 2019

“The fool and his view of religion as control, has made the view of ‘control’ as one-sided. Such a fool will say that religion deems to control, through enslavement, and such a negative view will inspire those to take greater inspiration from ignorance. For there is a positive form of control, and such is guidance and wisdom. The ‘lack of common sense’ and the replacement of political power over the church, has created this. Such fools who say that religion deems to control, are so much the fool that they cannot comprehend what created religion. Faith and trust. These components are the same essences placed forth for the politician. What has changed? Nothing. We promote change, not love. We inevitably begin to yearn for love, and to ‘yearn for love’ is to yearn for the ‘Second Coming’ when Christ returns. This is to yearn for love to return. Is it not true that when hatred and division dominates, that we yearn for love? Religion promoted and promotes the modesty that comes with love. And through individualism, there is, with it, the promotion of change. With change, we decline. We love, we are settled, and we want nothing more than the honesty pertaining to common sense.”

Words of Wisdom – “The God of Power” – 6/14/2019

June 14, 2019

“A different God, not the God of love, but the God of power, will promise the weak a place of power. God is everywhere, though so is Satan. And a creature of worship who does not offer the comfort and solace of a home, is not anything of honesty. It is deception that a world worships, should the weak be allowed to dominate through fragility. A fragile domination creates a fragile society. And a world that has no honesty but the brute nature of raw power, is not a world that seeks rest upon those who create. Soon, those who create, those who develop, who represent power and who represent change, will fall and then again, be the God of love, who sees who they’ve ignored. For a God of love does not stay at the top to perpetually espy the horizon. They occasionally stoop down to see what is at their feet, so that nothing is ignored.”

Words of Wisdom – “The Anatomy of an Approach towards Power” – 6/9/2019

June 9, 2019

“Has humanity forsaken the value of love? It is only the two paths where a human must choose to journey; and those two, are with the first remaining in loneliness, while the second is a path of unity. To see the self as only able to know the self, is contradictory to what naturally occurs. It is denial that creates the torment to a problem continually ignored; and when it is ignored, it is further embedded. Are we, as humans, willing to ignore fault, and believe ‘criticism’ to be ‘sheer negativity’? Is that a path that seems noble enough, so that one who takes the path forsakes the friend or the spouse, who could hold enough clarity to see the issue as an issue, and implement sense? ‘Sense’ has no place within discovery, this is true, though to the sensible mind, there is that unity of telling the faulted one, ‘This is wrong, so do no longer take anymore action’.”