Philosophy – “Of Humility” – 4/27/2020

Each person’s pride should be solely based on action. Each person’s humility should be solely based on what a person becomes.

There is nothing so pitiful to look upon, than the lazy individual who wants what they believe to deserve, simply for existing. They have committed themselves to no action, thus not deserving of pride. Instead, for what they’ve become, they feel pride for that. It is the dictator mindset, the corrupt aristocratic mindset, to be proud for blood, for the competitive factor within feuding families, for the belief in “nobility” through highness and arrogance.

It comes down to what “nobility” is. Our obsession with “identity” has displayed what a Liberal person fought against in the past, being Monarchs, being aristocrats. They ended years of tyranny. Yet, it becomes proven to be a simple mindset, when we see those obsessed with their identity become just like the aristocrats of the past, of the French Revolution. These people obsessed with their past, with themselves, are obsessed with what they’ve become. They care little for actions to be proud of, because their focus is on pride for who they’ve become.

These are pitiful children of today’s time, without any understanding of their own Psychologies. They follow something that adopts what was fought against, in the past. Miserable and unimpressive, and it shouldn’t enlighten anyone with what these fools have become.

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