Quote – “Why all Truth is Simple” – 9/9/2020

"Characterize truth as complex, and one is back to the problem, the question for what the answer is. For is the answer not the given truth? To be left in the dark, to be left in ignorance, is the problem. To search for the truth, is to search for simplicity. No truth can be complex… Continue reading Quote – “Why all Truth is Simple” – 9/9/2020

Quote – “To ask a Question, with no Answer” – 6/16/2020

"Where is the use in asking a question, though possess no certainty in one's answer to it? Where is the point in being comforted by question? Are schizophrenics next to say they're comforted by their own fears? They are tormented by them, and a schizophrenic feels more uncertainty than any other person. Why ask a… Continue reading Quote – “To ask a Question, with no Answer” – 6/16/2020

Poem – “Desperate and Lonely” – Grief

As my arms extend outwards,To reach for what I had lost,There's only the air,And only a strand of hair,To embrace,I have touched the edge of a bed. I have made my home a nest,Of emptiness.I have become one withLoneliness and grief.It is because of an agony,One with so much melody,Within her gruesome cries,To my eyes.… Continue reading Poem – “Desperate and Lonely” – Grief